What is Blogging, Blog & Blogger: All You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered about what is blogging blog & blogger?

Maybe some of you must have heard the word blogging or blogger in the online world like in social media or somewhere but you don’t know the exact definition of blog and blogging.

Don’t Worry in this article i will clear your all doubts regarding what is blog, blogging and blogger so you will easily differentiate in it.

In previous years there were only a few blogs on the internet that shared genuine information but only few people are getting information from online.

In That time books, radio  are the major medium source of information that people are consuming.

But in today’s digital world mostly 90% people consume content online.

what is blogTable of Contents 1What is Blogging, Blog & Blogger: All You Need To Know2Difference Between Blog or Website 3Some Advantages of BloggingEnjoy Freedom LifeBuild A Strong CommunityMake Your Own Identity Improve Your Writing SkillsMake Strong Connection With Other BloggersMake Money From Blogging Time Management 4Final Words on What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger

What is Blogging, Blog & Blogger: All You Need To Know

What is Blog: Blog is a medium where you can share your experience, knowledge or information (in the form of text, video infographic) to the online world. That is called a Blog.

What is Blogger: A Blogger is an individual person who is sharing their experience, knowledge or information in a specific topic, niche to their blog on the internet.

What is Blogging: If we Combine Two Words Blog + Blogger = Blogging is all about sharing valuable information, real experience or knowledge to your readers by creating a blog on the internet platform like WordPress, Blogspot etc.

For me, the definition of blogging is passion for doing what you most like to do and enjoying your boss free life and making good income from your blog.

Blogging is not just about writing blogs, article but it is a way to express yourself, your writing skills and how do you connect with your audience that is more important.

Difference Between Blog or Website 

Many people are still confused about what is a blog and website they can’t differentiate with it so it is very simple to differentiate in blog and website.

Blog:- A Blog where you share informational or valuable content on your blog in daily or weekly routine. You must have to update your old content with new data, information That is Called A Blog. 

Popular Blog Example: Shoutmeloud, BloggersPassion, Backlinko etc.

Website:-  A Website where we found less content that organizes in pages is not required to be daily updated. It is like a few pages static website that is called a Website.

Popular Website Example: Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon

Hope You Understand

Some Advantages of Blogging

Blogging has more and more potential and it is increasing day by day as more users consume data over the internet in upcoming years. Blogging has many advantages that I want to share with you.

Enjoy Freedom Life

 Today blogging is the most popular way to live your life like a boss but don’t take it easy. Blogging is not an easy task. You have to be patient + hard work is the two things you must have before thinking about starting a blog in 2021.

We all need a boss free life so blogging is a great career option if you are serious and passionate about it and want to do something different from others so you must come in the blogging industry.

Build A Strong Community

Creating an authority blog where readers trust your words that will help you to create a strong community in your niche. You can also connect with your audience by creating a community like Facebook Group.

You can redirect your readers to your social media account to connect with you and appreciate your works and become your fan or permanent reader.

Also building a strong community helps you to increase your sales and you can also make good income from it.

Make Your Own Identity 

In the Digital World everyone wants to make their own identity and blogging is also a great way to make your own identity in an online world like Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal etc.

If you want to make your own unique identity, never copy other blogger style come in your own style that will differentiate you with others.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is a must needed skill that is required in blogging to write articles in your own style and blogging will help you to improve your writing skill.

Because no one is perfect in the world we learn from our own mistakes and failure so doing mistakes is a must to improve your skills.

If you do one thing continuously like blogging, writing articles etc. that will surely improve your writing skills and make you perfect in it.

Make Strong Connection With Other Bloggers

Blogging will also help you to make your competitors your best friend in your niche. That is the most amazing benefit or advantage of blogging which I really loved.

After coming into the blogging niche I make many friends who are doing great in blogging and am very inspired and motivated by them.

So blogging gives you many benefits that will help you make your life more comfortable.

Make Money From Blogging 

Money is the weakness of every blogger specially newbies which doesn’t make a newbie a successful blogger. I know that money is the first necessary thing for every human but first you have to focus on creating valuable content.that will help others.

And focus on building your blog branding by promoting your valuable content through social media and when the audience trusts you and your content then you can monetize your blog by promoting affiliate products.

Because nowadays affiliate marketing is booming online and you can earn very good money from it by promoting affiliate products and without trust you cannot do it.

So first earn your readers trust, then focus on earning by affiliate marketing.

Time Management 

If you are doing or taking blogging as a part time or like side hustle blog so it is a difficult task to get time to do blogging but if you are really passionate about something so you can easily manage your schedule for blogging.

 So Blogging also helps you to be punctual and you can easily manage or schedule your time management for blogging. 

There are many more other benefits of blogging but can’t tell you everything but if you are a blogger so you can relate to this post. 

Final Words on What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger

Blogging is all about creating a platform (blog) where you can share your knowledge, experience, life etc. to the digital world and earn a good amount of money from it.

Most Bloggers come in blogging to only one motive that is Money and they even make money from it. But do you really think that blogging is only for making money?


Because blogging is a way to build your own brand in an online world like Neil Patel, Brain Dean where people can trust on it.

Blogging can have different definitions for everyone let me know in the comment section what is the definition of blogging in your way.

If you get some value from this article so please share this on social media platforms.

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