The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO Checklist 2023

Do you want more organic growth for your online business ?

Definitely Yes Right ?

So first you should have to focus on your website Technical SEO to help search engines to better crawl your website 

So here in this article I will list some important Technical SEO Checklist 2023 that will surely help you to increase your website organic presence in search engines.

When we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so there are 4 types of SEO that you can do for your website/blog.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO

For beginners technical seo is a new term but it’s not difficult as it shows by name “Technical” you can easily fix your all website technical SEO related problems.

What is Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about analyze your website internal aspect and fixing your site element for understandable to search engine for better SEO ranking. technical seo ensure that your website structure is friendly for search engine crawlers to get better ranking in SERP.

It is a part of on page seo where you have to audit your website technical part so that your website has never get problem with indexing or crawling. for that purpose you can use seo plugins Yoast SEO or Rank Math to get fix all things automatically.

Technical SEO Checklist 2023: A Complete List For Beginners

Technical SEO is a very important parameter for every website in the internet. It makes the site more comfortable or helps users and search engines to better crawl your website.

If your site technical seo is not good and having some errors to fix then no matter how much On Page or Off Page SEO you do, but you will never rank well on SERP.

So you should check from time to time and here I will share a complete Technical SEO Checklist which you must pay attention to.

Check Website Crawl Errors in Search Console

Google Search Console tells everything about your site so you have to check in your search console dashboard in coverage option if your site has any issue related crawling so it shows on there as below image:

Google search console coverage

So you have to analyze that crawling or any other issue and fix this asap to improve your website crawling to rank well in SERP.

Sometimes we did not pay attention to this type of website crawling issue and ignore them but this is something very big mistake that every newbie blogger often does.

Submitted URL not index

Optimize Your Robot.txt File 

Second most important Technical SEO Checklist is your website robot.txt file that plays a very important role to tell search engines which part of your website you want to crawl or index and which not to do.

Robot.txt file example

In Simple Words Robot.txt file is a to do and not to do list which is located on your server which is used to crawl and index your website by search engines.

So you should well optimize your robot.txt file to better crawl or index your website if you run a wordpress blog so rankmath or yoast seo plugin will automatically create robot.txt file for your website.

As it shows by name broken links are those types of links which do not exist so when doing internal or external linking sometimes links will be modified or updated by time to time so you have to analyze those links which are now useless for your blog readers.

Broken links also spoil the user experience and it’s very irritating for user and bad for seo point of view if your blog run on wordpress so Broken Links Plugin will help you to find some broken links in your website

Broken Link Checker Plugin

And from that you can directly update, recheck or delete that broken link in a blog post or anywhere in your website.

Minify Unused CSS or Java Code

On the website many plugins or themes use a bunch of html, css & java script code and sometimes we uninstall that plugin and theme in our website.

But some of its unused css or java code remains in our server, which is useless code that increases the speed and loading time of our site. So we should remove the unused css or java code to get better the website loading time.

For that you can use many wordpress cache plugins like W3 Total Cache & Wp Rocket that will automatically remove unused  html, css or java code.

Use Secure Protocol HTTPS for Website

In 2021 if you are still using HTTP protocol so you are making a big mistake because in 2014 google introduced HTTPS as a ranking signal so you should use HTTPS for your website to secure user data.

HTTPS as a ranking signal

So make sure your website uses a secure protocol and you can easily get a free ssl certificate with your hosting plan and it is not so costly.

So if you want better SERP ranking so you should use and redirect your site from HTTP to HTTPS to secure your site from attackers.

Set 301 Redirect 

301 Redirect plays a big role in technical seo because when we migrate our site on another hosting or server so we should properly use 301 redirect that will help to maintain our website ranking as it is as before.

Also if you use 301 redirect on your site so it will help good user experience to navigate instead of showing 404 error that will irritate the user and it makes a bad impression.

Use Structure Data and Schema Markup

Google is not a human, it is an AI machine that improves its understanding between content of a web page day by day to give better and accurate results to its user.

In That Case Structure Data types of schema markup helps search engines to give the all information and meaning of a web page to better understand and give better ranking to a page on SERP.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

It is a part of Advance SEO if you are using wordpress so you can install a plugin called “Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP” that will help you to get better ranking in search engines.

Simple and Easy URL Structure

As google stated that we should make URLs as simple as you can to better understand for users and search engines both.

Example :- is much more useful and easy to understand than

So make sure you should use hyphens in the URL and don’t include any number or underscore in the URL that will be difficult for search engines and it will affect your SERP ranking.

Optimize XML Sitemap For Website

A Sitemap is a very important part of every website on the internet. An xml sitemap is a road-map or structure of a site that informs and updates search engines about your site content, blog post and all about your site.

An XML Sitemap Should Include:

  • Your sitemap should include a new or recent blog post, product etc.
  • An Xml site include 200 Status URL
  • Your Xml sitemap should not have more then 50,000 URL 
  • An Xml sitemap should include 301 redirect, duplicate or canonical URL etc.
  • If you have more that 50K URL so you should increase crawl budget by creating multiple sitemap

Fix Duplicate URL’s Using Canonical Tag

Canonical tag tells search engine that two same URL is actually the same. it is very important term of technical seo and by using canonical tag you can prevent from duplicate content on your website.

  • Duplicate URL look like :-

it is called Duplicate URL, so to fix duplicate URL you have two ways one is manually use the tag <link rel =”canonical”> and second way is use a seo plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math both plugins automatically fix your website all canonical URL without affecting your website ranking.

Backlinks is top ranking factor for google and if your website has more spammy or toxic link then your website did not rank well in google SERP. even if publish quality content so you have to analyze your website backlink profile on weekly or monthly basis to check spam backlink and remove it by using google disavow tool.

google disavow tool

make a spammy backlink .txt file and put all bad backlinks in this file then upload it on google disavow tool within 1 month or sooner all those spam backlinks will be automatically removed from your website.

FAQ on Technical SEO Checklist 2023

What is included in technical SEO?

In Technical SEO Checklist following parameters included :-

1. Site Must Use Secure Protocol HTTPS
2. Website Must Be Mobile Friendly
3. Robot.Txt File Optimization
4. Xml Sitemap Optimization
5. Structure Data and Schema Markup
6. Core Web Vitals
7. 301 Redirect
8. Broken Links
9. Canonical URL

What should we do technical performance for SEO?

You should check following for better performance and ranking:-

1. Check Time to Time Website Crawl Errors on Search Console.
2. Increase Website Speed .
3. Check all broken or dead links on your website.
4. Do weekly website seo audit to check all over website performance and errors.
5. Must use structure data and schema markup for website.
6. Do proper internal and external linking.

Why Technical SEO is important?

Technical SEO is plays a big role in your website SERP ranking to better understand search engines what all about your site. no matter how much you have quality content in your website but without technical seo you can’t rank top in search engine result.

What is SEO checklist?

SEO is very big industry there are mainly four parts of SEO :-
1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO
3. Technical SEO
4. Local SEO
from creating seo checklist we do step by step website optimization and help search engine to get better rank on SERP.

How do you do a technical SEO audit?

To audit website technical seo we have to check following:-
1. First check your google search console that tells everything about your site.
2. Then check website has any crawling or indexing issue.
3. Then must check your website speed should load under 3 second.
4. Also check if you did any over optimization of page and blog post like keyword stuffing etc.
5. Also check if any broken link is exists in your website and fix it.

Final Verdicts

So this is some important technical seo checklist 2023 which you have to pay attention and focus on if your site technical seo is not good so you may never get a good position on google, bing and any other search engine.

So make sure that your website has no technical seo problem these are some checklist of technical seo that will help to fix and better crawl or index your site and you can increase your website ranking as well.

If this article were helpful for you and add some value to you so please share this article with your friends and social media to help other new bloggers.

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