Serpstat Review 2023 – A Budget Friendly SEO Tool For Bloggers.

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Serpstat SEO Tool

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You might need a perfect SEO toolkit to undergo all the required SEO process every now and then. The process includes Keywords Research, Competitor Analysis, Keywords Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Site Audit etc.

For all the above said tasks, Serpstat can easily be your number one choice in 2023. Read the Serpstat review in the post that helps you understand everything about the toolkit.

Most of the bloggers fail as they cannot make the most out of the SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush because of the high pricing plans. Unlike other tools, Serpstat is quite affordable, even beginner bloggers can go for Serpstat.

If you are worried about spending massive pricing for other SEO toolkits in the market, try Serpstat in 2023, you will not only be amazed with the features they offer but also the pricing plans.

I have covered all the details about Serpstat in the Serpstat review 2023 post, so keep reading till the end of the post as the features mentioned in the post might be a deal for you to understand why you should need the Serpstat SEO toolkit.

Serpstat Review 2023 – Is It Really Budget Friendly Tool ?

The Serpstat tool is well known for its competitor research tool feature. In the blogging or eCommerce industry, it is always best to analyze your competitors and then move your step accordingly.

So, Serpstat is one of the affordable tools in the market to analyze your competitors as well as many other better features which I can explain to you in the upcoming sections of the Serpstat review post.

So, after experiencing the toolkit Serpstat for a while, I would say Serpstat is not just another tool, it’s a must-have tool for bloggers and website owners out there who want to seriously care about their website SEO.

What is Serpstat?

One of the industry best Growth Hacking tools for almost all the SEO tasks. Whether you want a tool for SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Page Audit, Backlink Checking etc.. Serpstat offers all the solutions and that’s what the tool has been called by many experts and professionals as ‘All-in-One SEO Platform’.

Big fishes like Shopify, Uber, Rakuten Viber, Philips and many other big brands are already becoming satisfied clients to Serpstat SEO tool. Not just the big brands, but the professional eCommerce store owners and leading bloggers have tried the Serpstat toolkit and disclose their satisfaction over the tool.

The tool has been in the past 9 years of use by close to 7,45,000 professionals and the numbers are increasing day by day as the Serpstat becomes most people’s favourite choice when it comes to scale up the blogs and websites. The company was founded in 2013.

Checkout the Youtube Video to understand in even a clear view about the Serpstat uploaded by the company officials itself.

5 Major Modules of Serpstat SEO Toolkit

Serpstat can be your best tool partner to automate all the SEO process. With Serpstat, you can analyze any domain and get the best possible analytics. The Serpstat all-in-one SEO platform for professionals is currently offering 5 major features to the users as follows.

  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Audit and
  • Competitor Research

As a blogger or any website owner, you cannot succeed in your online venture without doing the above said process, and luckily you can avail all the above modules in a one single SEO toolkit called Serpstat.

The toolkit currently owns more than 7 billion keywords in its databases and keeps on adding more keywords to cover all regions in the world as the tool will soon beat Ahrefs and Semrush to offer accurate tracking reports.

Apart from the five major features of usage, you can explore more futuristic stuff with the toolkit such as Text Analytics, SERP Crawling and Keywords Clustering. But the major 5 modules are what you need frequently to scale up your blogs.

Awards Bagged by Serpstat

Serpstat has so far bagged so many awards from different rating companies because of the features offered by the tool at an unbelievable pricing structure.

serpstat awards and recognition

The tool manages to receive 4.5* ratings based on 120 reviews in G2 Crowd rating site. Apart, the Serpstat SEO toolkit is the #1 yet best selling SEO tool of all time on Appsumo website. The tool has been also named as most upvoted tool on Product Hunt.

Serpstat Review 2023- The Features in All the Serpstat Plans

No matter what serpstat plans you are subscribing for, here are the unbelievable features that you can get in all the Serpstat plans. With the features offered by the tool on all their plans, your SEO strategies can be easier than ever.

Rank Tracker

With the feature called ‘Rank Tracker, you can track the SERP rankings of the keywords for the particular domain you want. You can easily track your site rankings worldwide. Not only your site keyword rankings, you can track the report of your competitor rankings too.

The rank tracking feature helps you understand whether the link building process you do gain you results in ranking or not. Monitoring the SERP’s ranking frequently is a healthy way to understand your website.

Analysis of Keywords and Domains

You can completely analyze any domain with this particular Serpstat feature. The best feature to analyze your competitors. Just input your competitor URL, the feature will give you an entire report of the URL including the keywords that your competitors ranked for.

The report will be very detailed including so many aspects such as the SERP position of all the keywords, volume of the keywords as well the CPC. You can easily find the high quality keywords with the help of the search, and then optimize your posts for those keywords to increase your website traffic.

The domain analysis tool gets you a report of your top performing pages in terms of pageviews. Many experts already agreed, the reports are close to accurate compared to any other SEO tools.

One of the mandatory features that every SEO person needs. You can analyze the backlinks profile for any domain. The backlink analysis reports get you the number of backlinks the domain has along with its referring domains numbers.

In the overall backlinks, you will get easy reports like do follow and no follow backlinks ratio. In the analysis report, you will get a special report called Serpstat Domain Rank (SDR) in which you know the ranking of the domain you input according to Serpstat metrics. The report is almost similar to the MOZ domain authority kind of report.

The analysis reports will get you detailed results such as backlink anchors with the number of backlinks the particular anchor text has linked. Undoubtedly, the feature is the best for people in the blogging, SEO and digital marketing industry to scale up their projects backlinks profile easily.

Site Audit

If you are in the SEO field for a while, you know the importance of the term site audit. Whatever the errors your website faced in the ON Page SEO side, the site audit feature from Serpstat will help you find out all those issues.

If you want to be serious about running your website SEO friendly, it is mandatory to undergo the Site Audit process at least once in a week. I personally know, there are few people who used to do daily site audits to make their websites and blogs healthier.

The site audit feature from the Serpstat helps you find the on page mistakes in your whole website and also for individual pages. The errors include, duplicate content, duplicate meta title and description, broken links, crawling issues, loading speed, redirect errors etc.

Once you start the Site Audit, the audit reports will be shared to your email. You can go through the report and work on your one page issues with the serpstat suggestions to improve your traffic.

Keywords Research

Publishing blog posts frequently on your blog is one thing that helps you improve your website performance. The first step that you should follow while writing your blog post is keyword research.

There are many SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Keywords Everywhere to do the keyword research task, but those tools are costly. You can avail the same feature with Serpstat as serpstat plans are affordable compared to the above said tools.

The serpstat tool has the biggest keyword database in almost all the niches and helps you make the keyword research process easier with offering reports in indicators such as volume, difficulty, competitor, popularity, CPC based on the region you select.

Serpstat Plans and Pricing

At present, Serpstat in their pricing structure offers four different plans starting from $55 per month. There are 7 different  flexible billing agreement periods offered by Serpstat in their four plans.

Let’s have a look at the four different pricing plans and the billing agreements in detail.

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

The highest billing period 60 months pricing structure for the above mentioned four Serpstat premium plans are as follows with the features.

serpstat 60 months billing agreement pricing
  • Lite [$45/month with 5 Years Subscription] – The basic Serpstat plan Lite is a great choice for individuals and beginners those who are just starting out. In the Lite plan, you can get 4000 searches per day in terms of websites, keywords and link analysis. Whether it may be website analysis or backlink analysis, the Lite plan generates 10,000 results per report which is more than enough data for individual bloggers.
  • Standard [$97/month with 5 Years Subscription] – Good for in-house teams and marketing agencies, the Standard plan costs $97 per month when you opt-in for a 60 months billing period. You will get to search 5000 per day and when it comes to site audit, the plan gives you 400,000 credits of pages to Audit. The plan can be shared to 3 users.
  • Advanced [$194/month with 5 Years Subscription] – Obviously the plan Advanced is well suitable for large marketing agencies with a huge client base. So only, the money you spend on this plan is worth your investment. With the plan Advanced, you can share upto 5 users with a huge number of credits in terms of keywords position checking, site audits, search per day and other features.
  • Enterprise [$324/month with 5 Years Subscription] – A best option for industrial leaders. The plan Enterprise costs $324 per month with 5 years billing agreements. The unique thing about the plan is that it does offer White label reports which means you can generate reports in the plan without the serpstat logo enabled on it. As said, the plan is the best choice for big industries.

The above said pricing structure is for 5 years subscription, apart the Serpstat plans are available to grab in 6 different billing agreements such as Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years and 3 Years as well.

If you cannot go for higher billing agreements like 5 years, 3 years or even 2 years, you can go for a 1 year billing period in which you can get up to 20% OFF.

If you are totally a beginner and want to pay your bills monthly, then you can do so, here are the monthly billing pricing plans.

  • Lite $69/month
  • Standard $149/month
  • Advanced $299/month
  • Enterprise $499/month

I would suggest you try a 1 year subscription plan that starts from just $55/month. That is a good deal for you to save some money as well as you never need to pay your Serpstat bills for every month which is almost 20% extra than annual billing cost.

You can check all the features offered by Serpstat on their official website.

Signup for your Serpstat Account and Enjoy the Features

Here is the step by step easy process to get your hands on a Serpstat account and start using the features.

  • Step 1 – Visit the Serpstat official website by clicking this link to avail extra discounts.
  • Step 2 – Sign up for your account. You can either sign up using your Gmail account or Facebook account. Or else, get your account by manually entering your email and password.
  • Step 3 – Upon the sign up, you may receive an activation email to your mail id. Click and Verify your registration with Serpstat. You are ready to go.
  • Step 4 –  Once you logged in, you will find a chat option, there you can request a trial account for trying the services. After the trial, to subscribe for the services, you can pay as per your plan selection and start using your premium features with Serpstat.

Serpstat Pros and Cons


  • Affordable to Buy compared to similar SEO toolkits like Semrush, Ahrefs etc.
  • Best toolkit for finding your competitors keywords, rankings, and backlinks.
  • Easily track the domains position changes
  • No technical knowledge is needed to use the Serpstat as it is very user-friendly.
  • Available in Free Plan with limited usage a best option for beginners.
  • A best toolkit to seamlessly get 100’s of long-tail keywords.
  • You can do complete Site Audit with Serpstat to find the technical SEO problems.


  • The keyword data accuracy needs to be improved compared to Semrush and Ahrefs.
  • No features for content marketing related stuff.

Serpstat Review 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any Refund Policy with Serpstat?

A1: Serpstat offers a 14-Day hassle free money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the features and services offered by the company, you can request for money back. Ensure that you have to request a refund within 14 days from your date of purchase.

Q2. How to Contact the Serpstat Customer Support Team?

Luckily, the support team members are easily reachable. No matter what doubts you want to get cleared, you can contact Live Chat support on their website itself. The support is available in the 24/7 format.

Q3. Who will get Benefits with Serpstat?

A3: Bloggers, SEO specialists, Digital Marketing Agencies as well as those who want to monitor their website’s reach can make use of the Serpstat SEO toolkit.

Q4. How is Serpstat data accuracy compared to Semrush and Ahrefs?

That is the one drawback in the SEO toolkit. When compared to Semrush and Ahrefs, the data accuracy is not up to the mark as both the companies are biggies in the market. Still, Serpstat managed to deliver somewhat reports with maximum better accuracy next to both the companies. A best for those who want an SEO toolkit in an affordable price range.

Q5. What is Serspstat in an Easy to Understand Sentence?

Serpstat is a simple SEO toolkit that offers various features such as keywords rank tracking, site auditing functionalities, keyword analysis, backlinks analysis, competitors domain analysis and so many features to monitor the websites.


To give a befitting verdict to the Serpstat review 2023, I would say the Search Engine Optimization toolkit is a must have one for those who are in the SEO field but cannot afford toolkits in a high price range. Yes, Serpstat is damn affordable as you can get it for 44$ when opt-in for a 60 months period.

The one month of billing costs you $69 which is also affordable pricing comparatively with other toolkits.

Once you are started using the Serpstat features such as rank tracking, competitor analysis, keywords analysis, backlinks analysis etc.. You may come to know the importance and you will soon start increasing your effort to get your website high results with the help of reports generated using the SEO tool serpstat.

Go for it and run your blogs on a most successful note. Share the post, if you find it helpful.

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