Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Detailed Comparison [2023 Edition]

Are you a digital marketer or blogger ?

Do you need a perfect and all in one SEO tool for doing various research like Web Traffic Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitor Research and Market Research.

And confused about Semrush vs SimilarWeb which tool is best for all your marketing work.

Don’t Worry 🙂

Because in this article i will give my honest detailed comparison of Semrush vs Similarweb which seo tool is better and give more accurate data.

Also i will give you Top 5 reasons to choose Semrush over Similar Web which matter for a digital marketer or bloggers.

Semrush and Similarweb both are best seo tools for your online business growth but there are some extra features of semrush that give you more marketing insight.

What is Semrush

Semrush Tool

Semrush is an all in one marketing tool that helps to grow your online business by their amazing features like SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and more. Semrush has more than 50+ marketing tools that will help to get the top ranking in SERP.

Mostly all bloggers and digital marketer are already know about this popular tool and semrush has three different plans according to your need if you are individual blogger so you can choose Pro Plan at $119/mo.

If you are a growing agency so semrush Guru Plan is best for you that starts $191 if you pay yearly.

But Wait 

Do you need a semrush free trial before going to buy any plan of semrush so here you can grab Semrush 14 Days Free Trial and after using it if you found that helpful so you can upgrade your plan.

What is Similarweb

Similarweb Tool

Similarweb is also an internet marketing tool  which is specifically developed for competitive analysis, traffic analysis, market research and more. You can track your competitor’s growth by using similarweb can compare yourself with your competitor and analyse which strategies your competitor implements to grow their traffic, sales and conversion.

So similarweb is a good if you want to do a deep research of competitor websites. but if you are looking for an all in one marketing tool so semrush is a must recommend tool for complete marketing solution.

Similarweb is not an all in one tool but you can do tasks like Competitor Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Market Research, Audience Analysis.

So if you looking for all in one in one seo tool in that case similarweb is not a good choice for you but it’s good to do competitor website analysis that how your competitor gain traffic from different channel.

and what are the top organic keywords, total monthly visits, audience engagement overview, top countries, marketing channel overview, top referring websites, social traffic and more  

Semrush vs Similarweb 2023: Top Features

The main difference between both tools is semrush offers comprehensive all in one marketing tools where in other hand similarweb is only focused on website statistics. 

Data Collection


Information and data is the most important thing to give more correct and accurate data and similarweb has collected 10B+ data daily

Similarweb Data

and 200+ data scientists that collect billions of digital signals daily to provide you accurate data with the help of artificial intelligence.


On the other hand semrush is a trusted data source provider that gives you accurate and more up-to-date data and they collected data for 142 countries in form of search volume, website traffic, digital trends etc.

Semrush has 20B+ keyword database, 40T+ Backlink Database, so semrush has more updated and accurate data on the basis of clickstream, GDPR comparing to similarweb.

Competitive Analysis

Keyword Analysis


Similarweb keyword generator tool is providing various data like keyword volume, keyword trend,click vs non click, organic vs paid and more data that is very useful information for every website owner.

Similarweb keyword checker

Moreover similarweb keyword tools gives data in three different tab like Phrase Match, related keywords, trending keywords or question queries which you can use in your article to well optimize your overall blog post for search engines.

You also check competitor top organic keywords that bring most traffic to their website and more other stats.


Semrush Keyword Database

Semrush has more than 50+ tools for bloggers and digital marketers to help you get more reach online. semrush has 20B keyword database access in 142 databases for different countries.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush has 20B+ keyword database which is huge database to provide accurate stats and one of popular tool of semrush name keyword magic tool which gives you current stats about keyword volume, keyword difficulties, CPC, and other important information about particular keyword.

semrush keyword magic tool

By using semrush keyword magic tool you can easily find some long tail keyword and it show keyword data in 3 different section Keyword Variation, Related Keywords, Question related keyword.

Also you can see the total SERP result for any particular keyword, Keyword trends, PLA, Ads and many more killer feature.

Keyword Manager

Semrush has another great tool Keyword Manager which helps you to do deep analysis of 1000 keywords at same time and save the report also can refresh metrics data with real time SERP features to keep eye on your competitor organic position.

You can directly add all keywords from keyword magic tool to keyword manager by simply click on Add to Keyword Manager and you can analyze their:-

  • Volume
  • Trend
  • CPC
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • SERP Features
  • Click Potential
  • Top Competitors

Competitor Analysis


Similarweb has a great tool for competitor analysis. It will give detailed insight of your competitor’s website and it has a benchmark feature where you can compare your website with other similar websites and get all noticeable data which will be very useful for you.

By using similarweb tool you can analyse your competitor website’s top traffic sources like organic, paid, referral etc and which is the top keyword which brings the most traffic.

Organic Competitor

Also you can compare your website with competitor websites and see the result of what mistake you did and by doing this you can improve your online reach like your competitor.


Domain Overview

Semrush is a powerful tool to do competitor analysis with effectively you can do competitor analysis with different parameters like what are the top ranking organic and paid keywords, top pages, traffic sources, market overview and more other killer features.

Semrush has given more competitor analysis and deep data to know more about your competitor and what exact strategies they are applying to grow their business.

So here semrush offers you better competitor analysis data to implement their strategies and outrank your competitors and win the game.

Social Media Analysis


Similarweb does not focus much on social media analysis; you can get only basic information or data like how much traffic website is getting from top social media websites. 

Social Media Analysis

So you can track only limited information of your competitor by which social media channel they get traffic and total social traffic share.


Semrush is a complete marketing tool that’s why most digital marketer loved this tool. It has a complete package of all types of analysis and social media analysis is one of the most popular tool.

By using semrush you can easily track your competitor’s social channel such as how they are getting traffic from social media and what they are posting on the channel, user engagement on their page and what type of content strategies they applied.

So by using this amazing tool you can improve your social media presence and can increase your brand awareness.

Top 5 Reason To Choose Semrush Over Similarweb

Do you want to know the reason why you choose semrush over similarweb so now i will give you 5 strong reasons to choose semrush.


50+ Marketing Tools From One Platform

Semrush has more than a seo tool it is all in one package so you did not need to invest in some other tool you will get all features in one tool so you can easily do your all marketing work like SEO, Content marketing, keyword research, PPC, social media marketing and more other work in just one tool.

As in similarweb you have access to some limited features only.

Advance SEO Features

If you want to do deep seo analysis of your website, semrush is the best tool to analyse your all seo activities like on page and off page and deeper can fix all technical seo related issues to better rank on SERP.

You can also do complete in depth competitor analysis like rank tracking, semantic keyword grouping, backlink analysis, on page or off page seo and more with only one tool.

More Accurate Current Data and Largest Keyword Database

Semrush has provided more accurate and current up-to-date data from real google SERP result and has access upto 20B keywords on different countries.

Semrush vs Similarweb Comparison

semrush has also backlink databases over 40T backlinks on the internet so this tool provides you accurate and up-to-date data for better competitive analysis and more other features.

Transparent Pricing

Semrush tool has 4 different types of transparent plans according to your requirement and you can pay by monthly or can cancel anytime and no other hidden charges.

On the other hand, you don’t know how much you will get because there is no price and plan mentioned on their website unless you contact their sales team.

Semrush Pricing

Also in similarweb if you add any extra feature you have to pay extra for it.

Semrush Superior Choice of Marketers

No Doubt similarweb is a very useful tool for marketers but if you are looking for all in one marketing tool then semrush is a good choice for marketers.

who want to keep eye and track their competitor’s online activities to increase their brand awareness and reach.

Semrush vs Similarweb Rating

Semrush is the first choice of many other professional bloggers who use and recommend semrush to increase your online reach by using semrush.

FAQ on Semrush vs Similarweb 2023

What is better SEMrush or SimilarWeb?

Both tools are excellent in their industry if you want to measure any website traffic, channels or competitor exact traffic analysis so then we will recommend SimilarWeb Tool.

On Other Hand Semrush is an expert tool in every section of marketing like SEO, SMO, PPC that’s why its called by name “All in One SEO Tool” so i would recommend Semrush tool for your online growth.

How accurate is SimilarWeb?

In Terms of Traffic Analysis Similar web is most trusted online software which show the most accurate data of any website in the internet they collected 10 Billion digital signals daily. and 200+ data scientist work in similarweb so they more focused to provide exact data of any website.

Who are SimilarWeb competitors?

Here are top competitors and alternatives of SimilarWeb Tool
1. Semrush
2. Alexa
3. Ahref
4. Serpstat
5. Spyfu

Where does SimilarWeb get their data?

Similarweb get data from website owners and internet service providers, similarweb analyze 2TB data daily, 200+ data scientist work for similarweb for better data production.

How can I see the traffic of a website?

To check any website traffic their are many tools available in the online market but mostly bloggers and digital marketers use Similarweb that is Free you can simply install similarweb chrome extension to check any website traffic on the internet.

How does SEMrush estimate traffic?

Semrush Estimate any domain traffic by its click through rate which show the possibility that user will click on that domain in the search result by its volume and divide by 30. thats how semrush estimate any domain traffic.

Which SEMrush tool helps compare the audience size and source traffic of up to 5 websites?

Semrush Traffic Analysis tool will help you to compare multiple sites audience size and source traffic to spy on your competitors.

Final Words on Semrush vs Similarweb

So here I share the top features and comparison of two most popular seo tools Semrush vs Similarweb that will help you in competitive analysis, web measurement and give you a complete overview of websites that how they perform on the internet.

So both tools are amazing but if you want some advance and extra features at the same price you can definitely consider Semrush as your marketing guru tool for performing all marketing activities to get higher ranking.

I have done a lot of effort to provide some value to you by this article so please appreciate my effort by sharing this post on social media.

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