Review 2023: Is This Fastest Web Hosting [With Proof]

Do you run a wordpress website ?

Which gets lots of traffic but your current hosting provider can’t fulfil your hosting needs according to the website standard.

Or you are looking for a ultra fast managed wordpress hosting provider that fulfil your all in one hosting related problems like Website uptime, blazing fast speed, High security and most important 24*7 phone support and more.

So don’t worry in this article I will tell you about that wordpress hosting provider that is known for all in one wordpress hosting solution in one place.

That web hosting provider name is and today i will give you a detailed honest Review 2023 that will help you to go with it and give a try to

There are so many web hosting providers in the market but is especially known for WordPress Managed Hosting Provider.

that gives you bundles of amazing super features that make sense for what you are paying for.

Top Pick Review 2023

Summary is #1 choice of professional bloggers and this web hosting really worth buying in 2023 and so on to get benefits of fast blazing website speed, awesome customer support, top notch security and many more.

  • Best WordPress Managed Web Hosting
  •  20+ Different Global Server Location
  •  Ultra Fast SSD Storage
  •  Fully WordPress Optimized
  • Fastest Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Quick Overview About WordPress Hosting

Ben Gabler is the founder and CEO of wordpress hosting company that launched in 2020 he is master in this industry and having 17 years of experience that tells everything about the founder of this company.

Ben Gabler Experience

He has worked before so many hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostnine and more ben gabler is master in hosting related problem solving in an effortless way. So you can trust this company blindly. Review 2023: All Benefits Using Hosting

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Website uptime is the first and important factor that every user looked in a web hosting company many of hosting claim 99.9% uptime but few of them stand on this criteria and wordpress hosting is one of them that give you 99.9% uptime. server response time test

As seen on the above image after 24 hours you can see that stands on what they claim so they provide quality hosting services that gives customers 100% satisfaction with their high end quality wordpress hosting service.

Global CDN With Full Page Caching

Rocket WordPress Hosting is powered by Cloudflare enterprise that will make a clone of your wordpress website with full page caching.

No need to install an extra wordpress plugin to configure your site for cloudflare rocket hosting will automatically create a copy of your website in a cloud server with full caching . web hosting speed

That will boost your website speed and load time 2X faster and it will indirectly benefits you in better SERP ranking.

30 Days Free Trial

This is very amazing and important features of wordpress hosting it will provide you 30 Days trial at just $1 first month so you can easily try it free for first month and if you like their service and satisfied with it.

So you can go with a full year or per month hosting plan which you want as per your needs. free trial

That is another one great feature of rocket web hosting that some companies allow only 1 year plan but if you need a per month plan so you can go with hosting.

Full Packed WordPress Security comes with full packed wordpress security features like Cloudflare WAF, local website firewall, powered by imunify360, real time malware and more other security features that ensure to protect your website from every single malware specious attack.

So you have to not worry about your wordpress website security rocket web hosting is taking care of your website security they will block and scanning each and every malicious request and protect your website from brute force attack and more. 

Ultra Fast Speed is a wordpress optimized web hosting which gives you ultra fast speed to boost your website loading speed. If you have this hosting then you don’t need to buy any premium wordpress cache plugin. will boost your site speed enough with the help of cloudflare enterprise with full page caching , brotli compression and image optimization that will fully boost your website speed without any single plugin.

This feature of rocket hosting is to grab the bloggers and digital marketer attention to give it a try instead.

Free SSL, CDN & Web Application Firewall

In hosting every plan including features like Free SSL Certificate, CDN and most important web application firewall that monitor and filter each and every server request to protect your site from malicious activity at no additional cost.

So it is worth paying every single penny when you are looking for the most secure and fastest web hosting in the market. It gives you incredible amazing features which hardly anyone else is giving.

Global Server Location

Rocket wordpress hosting has another great features that they provide different server locations over the globe according to you so you have a variety of server locations.

where you want to locate your website server from less server requests and better speed.

Rocket web hosting has a 20+ server location that is very amazing to choose according to your website.

Automatic Backup & 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

This must have features of every web hosting company and is also providing you automatic backup of your wordpress website so if required you can easily do disaster recovery of wordpress websites.

Also they claim 30 days money back guarantee to users if you are not satisfied with their service within 30 days so you can easily get your money back into your pocket.

Rocket web hosting will provide insane customer support for email, Live chat and also Phone support that is the most  important thing of every good web hosting company.

Rocket hosting support

So if you get any problem with your website they will solve your each and every single problem and get happy with their effortless support.

Brotli Compression

Brotli Compression is the alternative of Gzip compression and developed by google it is used by web server and content delivery network (CDN) to compress files and make faster your website loading speed.

So it is the great features of rocket web hosting that it provides fully wordpress managed and secured fastest web hosting compared with other hosting. hosting customer testimonial Web Hosting Price and Plans

They comes up with 4 different plans for different types of customer needs as below :-

  • STARTER PLAN:- If you are a individual blogger and your website/blog is well known and getting good amount of traffic so i will suggest you to choose Starter Plan $25  that is worth to paying. because if you want better website ranking, speed and security so you must have invest your money on good web hosting like, That is value for money and it gives incredible features that fulfil your all hosting needs.
  • PRO PLAN:- And if you have more than 1 website doing good and getting good traffic so you can go with PRO Plan where you can host 3 websites at same time with effortless. this plan start from $60/mo. and $1 for first month.
  • BUSINESS PLAN:- This plan is specially for agencies and small businesses, you can host 10 websites in this plan and supercharge your website speed. business plan starts from $100/mo. and $1 for first month as trial.

STARTER $25/mo

PRO $50/mo


AGENCY $166/mo

1 Website

3 Websites

10 Websites

25 Websites

Free SSL Certificate, CDN and WAF

Free SSL Certificate, CDN and WAF

Free SSL Certificate, CDN and WAF

Free SSL Certificate, CDN and WAF

Premium Edge Network

Premium Edge Network

Premium Edge Network

Premium Edge Network

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Automatic Daily Backups

Automatic Daily Backups

Automatic Daily Backups

Automatic Daily Backups

24*7 Live Chat & Email Support

24*7 Live Chat & Email Support

24*7 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support

24*7 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support

Brotli Compression

Brotli Compression

Brotli Compression

Brotli Compression Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Best WordPress Managed Web Hosting in the market.
  • 20+ Different Global Server Location.
  • Edge network with Cloudflare enterprise to boost website speed 2X faster.
  • Brute Force Protection.
  • Free SSL Certificate, CDN & WordPress Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Brotli Compression.
  • Ultra Fast SSD Storage.
  • 24*7 Live Chat, Email & Phone Support.
  • Full Page Caching No Need of Any Premium Plugins.


  • Costly compare to other hosting providers
  • No Free Domain
  • No Email Hosting Feature
  • Less Knowledge base resources to self help through articles and videos.

Final Words on Review 2023 is the most trusted managed wordpress web hosting company that fully satisfied their customers with amazing features and good support so if you run a wordpress website and want to do work on autopilot.

So you should give it a try as they give a 30 days free trial to host your website and get amazing results for your website in terms of uptime, speed and security.

So i shared all important points and give you a unbaised review 2023.

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