Off Page SEO Techniques 2021: Boost Ranking and Traffic Fast

Are you want to know about the exact off page seo techniques that really work in 2021.

Don’t worry in this article i will tell you the exact off page seo techniques that really work and are helpful to all bloggers and digital marketer.

Let me first tell you that if you start and implement anything in the beginning everything takes time to get results.

First you have to understand that what you are learning new in blogging because blogging is all about learning new things everyday, so no one can tell you the right technique for your blog or website.

If you want to know off page seo technique so in this article i will give you detailed techniques of off page seo that will helpful to boost your blog authority and traffic.

So Let’s Get Started.

What is Off Page SEO – All You Need To Know

Off Page SEO means all about to build and increase your blog/website authority and reach online that will help you and also search engines that how many authority websites  passing value to your website.

Blog/Website is like a home where you do different things to make your home beautiful and strong outside. In this way, we use different strategies to increase the online reach or authority of our website so that we can make our website more authoritative and trustworthy.

So that we can get good ranking in SERP, although it is not necessary that if the authority is high then your website will rank at the top.

It is dependent on some facts that how informative your content is and how well it is written and there are many other ranking factors.

Off Page SEO Techniques 2021

Off Page SEO is all about increasing your organic reach by doing it through different ways and telling search engines about your brand value to notice it and improve serp ranking.

So in this off page seo guide i will tell you some really working off page seo strategies that you can implement on your blog to boost your website authority, and traffic.

Guest Blogging

This is the most popular off page technique to build some quality and authority backlinks to your website but before doing guest blogging you have to know about right way to doing guest blogging.

It is popular way to get some quality dofollow backlinks and increase your blog authority, branding and traffic.

So you have to find  some good authority blog related to your niche and email them in a proper way to get some positive result. Trust me this is a powerful technique off page seo.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is also a popular way to find some dead links from other authority blogs and replace it with your link that is called broken link building.

But this technique will work only if you know how to approach it correctly to the website owner, so find some dead links and ask the website admin to replace existing content with yours.

If your content looks awesome and attract to owner then surely they will link your content and give you a dofollow backlink and that single backlink is more powerful compare with other 1000’s backlink.

HARO LInk Building

HARO link building is also a powerful way to get backlink from high authority websites like BBC News, Forbes etc. in this technique you have to make an outstanding piece of content to attract.

And after making awesome content you have to pitch to a reporter and include your author bio and request a reporter to give a dofollow link back to your site.

If they found something valuable in your content then they will give you a dofollow backlink and that single backlink gives you a boost in your ranking.

Skyscraper Technique

This skyscraper technique was found by brian Dean, founder of backlinko by implementing this amazing technique to improve his organic traffic double.

Skyscraper technique is all about finding content online related to your niche with lots of backlink and after that create some extra ordinary content compared with that outdated content and reach the right person.

And approach to link your content as you all know everyone wants fresh content with lots of value. If your content is providing value then they will surely link your awesome content. 

Blog Commenting 

Blog commenting is outdated off page seo technique but it still working in 2020-21  by doing commenting in some other related authority blog and get backlink from it this type of backlink is not so powerful but it will work fine.

So always before doing blog commenting must assure that domain DA PA after that give a unique and honest review about their content and remember that do not spam in commenting.

Forum Link Building

Forum link building is also an outdated link building technique but a powerful way to build some authority links to your site that will boost your website ranking.

Join some authority forums sites and get backlink in a natural way do not spam and give some value after that link your site so that you will earn a high quality link from forum sites.

Blogger Outreach

This is my favorite off page seo technique in this you have to connect with some good and professional blogger via social networking like facebook just tell them to share your thought and review on that topic

And after creating awesome content ask them to share your content in his community so that they will definitely share your content.

By doing this technique you can build some good relationships with other bloggers.

Question and Answer

There are some great questions and answers sites like quora which is very popular in asking questions and someone answers your question in the right way.

So quora is a very amazing platform to get some quality and targeted traffic to your blog if you answer in detail and proper way. You can get good traffic from quora and also you will get a nofollow backlink from quora but that will also give some value to your website.

Social Networking

Social Networking is a great way to build your brand value fast and in a short time like Sumit Sao (BloggingLift), Ramesh Rawat (BloggingAsk), Mangesh Bhardwaj(BloggingQna) they build their personal brand in a short time by using social networking.

So always be active in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc and join some group related to your niche and help other bloggers.

This way you can build your own personal brand and can build strong relationships with other awesome bloggers.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is very necessary part of your off page seo techniques because if you want to beat your competitor you should spy on your competitor that what exactly they are doing to rank higher on SERP.

You can use Ahrefs or Semrush to keep eye on your competitor to track what they doing or what they don’t so you can use that opportunity to stay one step ahead.

So make your competitor list and do some deep  analysis of your competitor blog how they are doing in SERP. 


How do I start off page SEO?

First if you are beginner and just you started a blog

Focus on providing informative in depth article on your blog after creating some great content 

Then focus on off page seo link building or brand promotion etc.

Does SEO Still Work?

If you want to grow your organic reach so you should focus on getting organic traffic 

And it can only possible if you have some good knowledge of SEO

SEO always has been worth so should focus on SEO to get more organic traffic on your blog.

What is backlink in SEO?

Backlink is a part of off page seo and in simple words when someone give reference to other site or page so it passes some value, authority or link juice that called Backlink .

It is a way to build or increase your brand, authority and many more.

Link building is always a very important or necessary part of SEO. 

How can I get free quality backlinks?

If you want to get quality backlinks for free so below is best way to get quality backlink

1. Blogger Outreach

2. Guest Posting 

3. Make Good Relationship With Blogger 

4. Write an Outstanding Piece of Article

5. Do Blog Commenting on Relevant in your niche with having good DA.

Final Verdict

Hope you like this off page seo guide and if you want to take your blog to the next level so always remember to do something different from others and always learn new things in blogging and implement it on your blog.

And when results come you will learn things from that experience which no one can tell you.even professional bloggers so always adopt and learn new things in blogging.

Comment below which off page seo technique you use for your blog to increase organic traffic.

Also a small request to you if you get some value from this article so please share this in social media website that motivate me to create more better content for you.

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  1. Great job here Devender. I love guest posting and genuine blog commenting. I place a premium on sharing value and making friends with bloggers through each approach. The more you give, freely, the more you get as far as traffic and profits. You also get in terms of building up your off page SEO game, big time.



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