An Inspiring Interview With Amol Chavan (Founder of GrowthFunda)

Are you want to start a blog in 2021 ?

Do you need some motivation to start your own Side Hustle blog like Amol Chavan 

Today i got a opportunity to take amol chavan interview who is a side hustler founder of ( and doing great in this field.

So if you are passionate about any niche, or topic and want to make some good money from your side hustle blog so you will definitely get some great value from this interview. 

In this Interview i will prepare some valuable question to give you some great value hope you enjoy this interview with amol chavan.

Q1:- Welcome To Bloggingnavigation, Please Give a Brief Introduction To Blogging Navigation Readers?

Thanks for inviting me on your awesome Blog.

I am Amol Chavan, living in Pune, Maharashtra. I am the founder of Side Hustle BlogGrowthfunda a blog that covers contents on a side hustle to create awareness about becoming your own boss and live freedom lifestyle.

I am a Software Engineer by profession and Side Hustler, Blogger passion having around 10 years of experience.

I love to write and talk about Side Hustles, Blogging, and Online Business.

Q2:- Can You Share Your Blogging Journey How You Come To Blogging So That Everyone can learn from it.?

My journey as a Side Hustler started during my stint as Software Engineer with a Big MNC IT company.

While working and running in a RAT RACE of 9-5 job I realized that it is not actual life. In a 9-5 job, I have experienced and seen so many ups – downs, monotonous & uncertain professional life.

This hitted me badly and I started looking for side hustle ideas.

Therefore, I have picked up some business ideas along with Job to start, but I failed miserably in four business attempts. (One can read my whole side hustle journey here)

However, this helped me to gain more knowledge towards entrepreneurship and increase my desire for entrepreneurship.

During Dec 2017, I have to know about Digital Marketing, so I took an offline course on Digital marketing in my area and then I never looked back.

To practice my Digital Marketing learning I grabbed Web Hosting and Domain. After spending 9 months on this blog customization, learning WordPress, on 1 Jan 2018, I launched blog Growthfunda.

This is how my journey as a Blogger and Side Hustler started.

Q3: Please Tell Us About Your Blog Which Topic you mostly cover.

I cover topics related to:-

  • Side Hustles
  • Online Business, and Entrepreneurship
  • Become Your Own Boss

Q4: Please Share Some Proven Tested Strategies or Tips To Build a Brand Blog Like You?

Nothing Special 

  • Brand is built around Niche, Product and Quality. So choose ideal Niche and provide excellent quality.
  • Be sure to provide excellent contents. This shows your blogging authority on the topic.
  • One also needs to focus on the UX & UI. I.e. Blog should be easy to Navigate, Blogging color scheme, images; font should be coordinated across all blogging pages. So choose the ideal color scheme, images and font.
  • Be authentic with your writing and advice.
  • Do respect and mention others work in your blog too. This showcases that you care about others. It also helps in terms of SEO.
  • Apply branding across your business over the internet. i.e. Social Media Profiles, Newsletter, etc.
  • Design unique meaningful Logo that applies to your Blogging name and niche.
  • Be consistent and network with other Bloggers in your niche to get the natural mentions from others.

Q5: What Are The Main Things To Avoid in Blogging Specially For Newbies.?

Avoid things like:

  • Attracting towards Shining Objects Syndrome.
  • Writing on Random Multiple topics without focusing on Niche.
  • Copying Others Work.
  • Depending on only one Traffic source.

Q6: Can Blogging Will Be A Full Time Career Option or Not?

Yes and Why Not Blogging Be a Full time Career.

 Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations, individuals like to work in the Work from Home and I believe maximum folks in the world have accepted that work lifestyle.

Blogging is a decent work from home career option that anyone, anytime, anywhere can start.

I have seen that many Full time employees who have started blogging as side hustles, now shifted towards Blogging as a full time career.

So Blogging can be a full time career as well as Blogging can be run like as a business.

Q7: Who are your Favorite Bloggers that motivate you to come in the Blogging?

Ideally None, but I admire and respect all the bloggers like Ankit Singla, Amit Mishra, and many others who shifted lifestyle from Job to Blogging as a Side Hustle and now living with it.

Q8: Please Give Some SMO Tips How Social Media Can Help To Grow Blog Quickly.

  • Content Re-purposing is a great hack to grow on Social Media. Single blog posts can be shared multiple times on social media by converting into different formats like images, infographics, video, short quotes etc.
  • Building social communities around blog can give a quick boost in the traffic if one delivers consistent value to the community.
  • Stick to one social media channel and from that channel diversify the traffic across other social media channels.
  • One can also try the Social media management automation software to handle social media activity and promotion.
  • Apart from this, one can also try Social media paid ads like Facebook Ads, Quora ads. This gives excellent reach and growth to blog quickly.

Q10: Can You Please Mention Some Amazing Blogging Tools That will help to grow online business.

  • Keyword research tools: Ahref, SemRush, Ubersuggest
  • SEO tools:  Frase
  • Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit.
  • Automation tools:  Publer, Buffer
  • Graphics Design: Canva
  • Elementor Pro for Blogging Design
  • Trello, Plutio for managing business activity and to do list.

Q11: Can You Please Share Some Proven Affiliate Marketing Tips To Boost Sales Especially For Newbies Like Me.

More Traffic = More Sales is actually not that much true. Targeted Traffic = More Sales actually works in the affiliate Marketing.

  • So one should focus on getting targeted traffic rather than much traffic. Great to places get the targeted traffic are: Quora,, communities like IndieHackers,, Hackernoon, Forums, Email Marketing, Commenting on Niche Blogs, Paid Ads, etc
  • Do not prompt too many products at the same time. Focus on one good high converting product. Create a pillar article around that product and 3-5 supporting articles to that pillar article. This will help to boost ranking and traffic.
  • Inside blog, newsletter, social media post, discuss about the problems that the audience is facing and how the product that you are promoting resolves that problem.
  • Tell the benefits and educate the audience about how to use the product.
  • Try to implement a content funnel.

After implementing above tips, definitely one can expect the boost in affiliate conversion.

Q12: Can You Please Share your future blogging goals that you want to do and achieve it?


My Short-term goals:

  • Provide value to the audience via blog.
  • Create awareness about Side Hustles that helps everyone to build a passive income stream.

My Long-term goals:

  • Live long term freedom Laptop lifestyle

Q13: Any Special Message That You Want To Share With Our Readers that will help new bloggers.

Nothing special as such but few things newbie should focus on:

  • Consistency is key. Don’t get distracted with Shining objects syndrome.
  • Blogging is a long-term game, so think and work accordingly. I recommend along with Blogging one should try other side hustle like YouTube, freelancing, etc.

Q14: Can You please share your monthly estimated revenue that you generate from blogging just for motivation?

I never share any screenshot or revenue as I feel money is just by product. Some people take this as a motivation and others think it as a medium to grab audience attention.

As I am a side hustler, so Blogging is not my primary source of income. I do have other online side hustles as well. To give you heads up I do make good money with Blogging as Side Hustle.

Final Verdicts

I really got some great value from this interview and hope you are also getting some amazing value from this amol chavan interview and if you also want to start your own side hustle blog.

So you should follow amol chavan blog GrowthFundas to get some really actionable online business, entrepreneurship, tips.

Share your thought in comment about this interview and if you get some value from this interview so please share this on social media platform.

Your One Share Motivate Me Alot 🙂

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