10+ Proven Tested Ways To Increase Website Traffic Fast 2021

Are you hassle to increase website traffic fast?

I know in the initial stage of blogging when a newbie blogger start a blog they face problem to increase website traffic fast.

Don’t Worry 

Getting instant website traffic is a major issue for every new blogger because if you do SEO in a proper way so it takes time to get some organic traffic.

But there are many other mediums or ways that you can use to get instant website traffic to your brand new blog.

And in this article, I will share some proven & self-tested tips to increase website traffic fast that you can implement for your blog/website.

Increase Website Traffic Fast: Proven Tested Ways To Get Instant Traffic 

Bring traffic to a brand new blog is really a difficult task and without traffic, every blog/website is like an empty space where no object exists every business wants instant traffic to its website so they hire a digital marketing agency to improve traffic.

So every business has the main motive is to bring more and more traffic to get more sales if you are an individual blogger or an organization so you can implement these strategies to increase website traffic fast.

Table of Contents 1Increase Website Traffic Fast: Proven Tested Ways To Get Instant Traffic Build A Blog For Your Business WebsiteKeep Eye on Your CompetitorsFocus on Quora To Get Targeted TrafficDo Guest Posting on Other BlogsUse Social Media Platform To Get TrafficDo Interviews on Your Blog To Get Instant TrafficFocus On SEO To Increase Website Traffic FastDo Blog Commenting For Instant TrafficCover Trending Topic On Your Blog2Final Verdicts

Build A Blog For Your Business Website

If you are an organization and sell your services or product no matter whatever it is you should create a blog page for your business website and do well keyword research related to your business.

And get some long-tail keywords with a minimum 1K or less monthly volume and write in-depth content around it that fulfill user intent if your article rank.

 So you will get a good conversion apart from that if you interlink your other sales page in that article so they can also be rank on SERP.

Keep Eye on Your Competitors

Your competitors are your best way to find some really working strategies to gain fast website traffic you should always keep an eye on your organic competitor who is doing great in their industry.

First, find your top 5 competitors and do deep research on them you can easily do this by SEMRUSH all in one marketing tool that will help you to do a deep analysis of your competitor.


Analyze your competitor’s top pages, keywords, traffic medium where they getting mostly traffic and from that, you can follow and implement it on your website.

Focus on Quora To Get Targeted Traffic

Quora is a very popular QNA platform on the internet and also a great way to get instant traffic on your new brand blog.

Don’t Trust Me 

See this amazing result that I have got one of my blog and getting very good traffic from quora so this is the power of quora platform where you give the answer a query in a proper way like you write an article for a blog.

And Add some images or video to get more reach and engagement you will sure get good traffic from quora so you should active on quora and give answer related to your niche.

Do Guest Posting on Other Blogs

​Guest posting is a real powerful way to get instant website traffic just research and visit on other blogs related to your niche which has good authority.

Some of blog will sure allow you to contribute guest post on their blog for free and that way you can really increase website traffic fast and doing guest post has many other benefits like :-

  • Build Strong Connection with Other Bloggers in your niche.
  • Increase Blog Authority 
  • Build More Audience To Your Blog.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase Blog/Website Traffic

Use Social Media Platform To Get Traffic

As you all know that social media is a powerful way to increase website traffic fast but not only traffic social media is also help every business to gain more customer, build trust, brand awareness, and there are more benefits of using social media.

If you are a new blogger so you should active on social media and join some groups in your niche and try to connect with other bloggers and tell people about your blog or business and promote your content on social media. 

As in the above picture, you can see that this blog getting the most traffic from social media because this is a new blog so you can also get a good amount of traffic from social media.

Do Interviews on Your Blog To Get Instant Traffic

This is another good way to get instant website traffic to your blog first you have to connect with popular or well-known bloggers in your niche and then contact them via social media or through email and invite them to your blog for an interview.

And after publishing the interview on your blog request to share this interview roundup on their social media account and as they have had a huge fan following so you will get instant traffic to your blog and other people can know about you and your blog.

So this is a great way to get good traffic and also brand awareness. 

Be ready I am also doing an interview roundup shortly on this blog of a well-known blogger or digital marketer to give insane value to blogging navigation readers.

Focus On SEO To Increase Website Traffic Fast

SEO is one of a popular way to increase website traffic fast but it, not easy task SEO is a long-term process it does not give you instant results but if you more focus on SEO (On-Page & Off-Page SEO Techniques) then you can get huge organic traffic.

Every online business wants more traffic from organic and SEO is the only way that can help you to get more organic traffic from google. 

So if you want to get more organic traffic in 2021 so first give more value to your reader through your content and build trust and make some high-quality backlink related to your niche.

that looks like natural by following some powerful strategies like Guest Posting, Broken Link Building, Skyscraper Technique, Blogger Outreach, etc.

Do Blog Commenting For Instant Traffic

Blog commenting is still worth if you do it a right way mostly newbie blogger doing mistake while commenting on the blog they do not read the article well give any random comment on it and this is the wrong way to doing blog commenting 

  • First Use Gravatar to select a profile picture that shows a genuine user comment and the admin approves it fast.
  • Use your original name or email while commenting on any blog.
  • Do not spam on the comment by adding more links just add a link on the website section.
  • First, read the article and give a genuine opinion on that article that attracts the admin to approve it.
  • Always Do Blog Commenting in your related niche that will give your more benefits.
  • Blog Commenting helps you to get some good traffic and also it helps you to increase your blog reach and brand awareness.

Cover Trending Topic On Your Blog

A trending topic can bring lots of traffic to your new blog so always try to cover some trending topics on your blog related to your niche because there are more chances that if you cover trending topics first you can rank fast on google.

And you can find trending topic from google trend and write a well SEO optimized article on that topic and do proper internal linking.

This is really a proven way to getting instant website traffic.

Final Verdicts

So These are some popular ways to get instant website traffic if you want more traffic to your blog so you should try all methods that can drive traffic to the website.

We should not depend on any particular one method like organic we also try another way like social, referral traffic by implementing these tips to increase website traffic fast.

Hope you find this article helpful and if you have any other strategies so please ping me and I will update in this article asap.

If you find this guide helpful so please share this article on social media platforms to help other newbie bloggers to get traffic fast.

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  1. I dig these tips Devender. Genuine blog commenting opens windows to greater blog traffic. Share your honest thoughts, note fellow bloggers by name and be persistent. Bonds and traffic grow from there.


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