How To Write Article For Blog {13+ Master Tips} 2021

Do you want to write an engaging article

Which rank on #1 in Google So here i will give you best strategies on How To Write Article For Blog that rank on google

Creating consistently high quality content is very difficult you have to do proper research after that you can create a top notch content like backlinko

As you know backlinko is #1 Seo blog on the internet .Even if he publishes only one article in a month, but that content is very high quality, detailed and in depth so that’s why we are very eager to read it

So in this article i will give you some actionable tips on How To Write Article for blog that’s give value to your reader and as well as rank on google

So to create an shareable content follow these below Tips to Write Article for Blog and i always use these tips to write an article for blog

How To Write Article For Blog 2020

I have seen some new bloggers and even before that I also write articles without creating an article layout. So to write a good article you should always create a layout. Let’s talk about some actionable tips on how to write article for blog that helps others

Do Proper Keyword Research

This is the first step to writing a great article. If you are a new blogger and your blog is brand new, then initially you should work on long tail keyword and also finding some related keyword with help of google, long tail pro, ahrefs and semrush these are the best tool to find long tail keyword

Long Tail Keyword

That you can work on.

Do Competitor Analysis

After finding a good keyword, search that keyword in Google and analyze some articles first how much is article length, which topics he covered and which not in his article, how many images are using in that particular article

And the things that your competitor did not put in his article, so you have the opportunity to put these things in your blog post to make your article better and informative, which will give your article maximum share

So keep in your mind after find an profitable keyword just do research on competitor article that are already ranking for that keyword

Make Article Layout

Making a article layout is very necessary and important part to writing an amazing piece of content in the starting days of blogging i never make article layout so that i stopped after write some words and was thinking about what to write next 

So that’s why it take more and more time to article a simple article But after making the article layout, I will write a long article in less time

Article Layout

Therefore, I would also recommend to you that before writing an article, make a layout of it. After that you will be very easy to write the article

Use Google Docs To Write Content

After making article layout next step is to write a article in effective way so i always use google docs to write my all article because its has many feature that help you to create an optimized content 

I use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant in google docs to write article in perfect way this amazing tool tell you how much you optimized your content by giving a score out of 10 and providing many great feature 

If you want to know How to add semrush seo writing assistant just follow below step

Step 1: Go To Google Docs

Step 2: Now goto Add-ons and click on Get add-ons

Step 3: Search Semrush SEO Writing Assistant and now you can install this tool on google docs

SEO Writing Assistant

Step 4: Now in Add-ons menu you will see the semrush seo writing assistant option just install it

Semrush SEO

Step 5: Now Click on above login button and enter login details

Semrush Writing Assistant Login

Step 6 : After Login click on approve button 

Step 7: That’s it now enter your main keyword and click on get recommendation

Semrush SEO Assistant

Use Main Keyword in Post Meta Title

Post meta titles are titles which google shows to user in search result so make sure you have put your main keyword in your post meta title so that google will easily understand which topic or keyword have you written the article on

Make your post title different from other and use some power word that will surely increase your CTR and help you indirectly to rank well in SERP and try to keep the title interesting that will attract user to click on it

Use Main Keyword in Starting Paragraph

It also a important on page seo part that you should enter your main keyword between 100 words because when google crawler comes to analyze your page on which keyword did you target in your article

So that google crawler check first in heading then article first paragraph and mostly you all know about that to insert your main keyword in starting 100 word to understand google what specific topic you written the article 

Use Proper Heading Tags

Most of the themes have the title of article is H1 so now you have to use proper heading by inserting your main focus keyword that is good thing to use your main keyword in H2 and H3 heading and H2 heading is more important than H3

Yoast on Heading

 Yoast says on heading tag

But make sure you do not insert the same keyword multiple times which makes google see your article spam and use the main keyword two or three times which make sense, after that put some long tail keyword and related keyword to rank on multiple keyword

Insert keyword in heading that look like naturally and do not insert keyword forcefully that makes no sense

Image Optimization 

Image Optimization is a very important factor of ranking. You must optimize your images after publishing do you know images take more space and if your images are not optimized so your site may take more time to load and it will affect the ranking significantly

Also do not forget to enter your main keyword in your article featured image that will more help google to understand your content is all about so it is very necessary part that you all know about

For optimize your images you can use JPEG Optimizer and Optimizilla these are two nice tool to optimize images

Optimize Meta Description

Meta description is not a ranking factor but it helps you indirectly to rank well in serp because a well optimized and attractive meta description or blog description is attract to click on your article

So use some power keyword or call to action keyword that help you to gain more clicks in serp and also help you to increase click through rate and conversion 

Also insert your main keyword one or two times in blog post description that is good for SEO aspect

Must Do Internal & External Linking

Internal Linking is very important seo factor trust me never lazy to do good internal linking when i am beginner in blogging i never pay attention to internal linking 

But when i see result of internal link that was amazing i link my low ranking page to high ranking page which caused my other low ranking articles started to rank as well 

So i highly recommend you to do proper internal linking 

External Link:- Google loves that you are also share  other good authority websites along with it, so that the user will get maximum value. So with internal linking also link some good authority website related to your article

Make Sweet and Simple Permalink

Yes your blog post url is also an important part of seo that will help search engine to know all about your article so when complete your article make short and simple permalink that easy to understand 

If you see all popular blogger or professional blogger like backlinko he always make his blog post permalink as simple and short that is good for seo point of view

Do not make article permalink (URL) long and lengthy that is hard to understand search engine about your article

Short Paragraph Length

Always make every paragraph length between two or three line that make reader easy to read the article and write a article in a manner that look like beautiful 

Do not write continuously like an essay after writing a few paragraphs, make a heading that would be nice to see and readers will not become irritated.

Bold Main and LSI Keyword

This is not a seo ranking factor but trust me its very good thing am always bold my main keyword, LSI or related keyword because it really more help to understand search engine which around keyword you have written the article

So this is not a ranking factor but it’s very important so you should consider this while writing the article


So writing an quality content these all important tips will help you to create a quality article so should consider these all tips when you writing article Weather if you put only one article in the week

But that article should be such that gives value to your readers so that your article will get more share as like backlinko who publish one article in a week or month but that article is next level 

Which gives value to us  so that we share it more and more 

Hope You Understand 

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