How To Start a Shopify Store: Beginner Friendly Guide 2023

Do you want to know how to start a shopify store in 2023 ?

Shopify is the leading ecommerce solution that helps many entrepreneurs or beginners to start their own shopify store like amazon, flipkart, ebay etc.

You can start any type of online business with shopify not only ecommerce store but you can also start many other types of online business like:-

  • Physical Product
  • Digital Product
  • Services and Consultations
  • Memberships
  • Rentals

Shopify is trusted by more than 800,000 businesses worldwide so you can get an idea of how much Shopify is popular.

So if you also want to know how to start an ecommerce store with Shopify, in this article I will share a step by step guide on How to Start a Shopify Store in 2023 

What is Shopify ?

Shopify free trial

Shopify is the most popular leading ecommerce platform which allows people to start their online ecommerce store with less technical and no coding language required.

Shopify is a beginner friendly platform for those who don’t have knowledge about coding or technical terms so it’s a user friendly platform which helps to start your own online store like flipkart, amazon etc.

Shopify is like a wordpress platform where you can easily start your online business with full control and you don’t need to take care of hosting because shopify provides you all in one platform to start an online business in a few step.

How To Start a Shopify Store in 2023

Shopify also comes with 14 days free trial so you can try shopify before spending money on their premium plan so here is a step by step guide to start a shopify ecommerce store.

Step 1 :-Click Here to Go Shopify Official Website

Step 2 :- Now enter your email address to start your shopify free trial and start your first shopify ecommerce store.

Shopify free trial

Step 3:- Now you have to enter your unique shopify store name which you want as your online brand like amazon, flipkart and enter your password to create your store.

Step 4 :- Now you have to tell some important information about yourself to start a online store like:- 

  • Are you already a seller or just want to start sell online.
  • What is your current business revenue.
  • Your Business Industry.

Then click on Next Button.

Step 5 :- After that you have to fill in your proper billing details so that you can get paid and enter the proper address with all necessary details.

Shopify Store Setup

Then click on Enter My Store.

Step 6:-  Congratulations you have successfully set up your own shopify ecommerce store but wait that is not enough, you can see your shopify Dashboard in front of you.

Shopify Ecommerce Store

Choose Theme:- Now you have to install a best shopify theme to make your store look professional so there are many free themes in shopify theme stores that you can use for free.

Add Custom Domain:- if you want to make your online ecommerce store a brand so custom domain is very important in your store so you can easily connect your store to custom domain.

Add Product:-  After connecting your custom domain now you can add your product on your store and start selling online.

Check This :- Print shipping labels


There are some important Shopify SEO settings that you should do for better seo ranking in SERP that will help you to boost your sales organically.

Shopify store seo setting
  • Must Design a proper attractive logo for your online store which is very important to build your brand.
  • Give the best eye-catching title of your homepage that will show on SERP results so users and search engines easily understand your store.
  • Enter the proper meta description of your business and must include some keywords related to your online business.
  • Setup your google analytics account and enter the GA code in your shopify store under preferences section to track every activity of your store.
  • Setup your online store navigation like main menu, footer menu that is most important for users and also for search engines.
  • Setup your online store navigation like main menu, footer menu that is most important for users and also for search engines.
  • Create important pages of your store like about us, contact us, and some other important pages for transparency and build trust to your brand.
  • Create important pages of your store like about us, contact us, and some other important pages for transparency and build trust to your brand.

Shopify Alternatives

Are you looking for shopify alternatives and did not find shopify suitable for your online ecommerce store so you can check these best shopify alternatives.

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Megento
  • Wix
  • Prestashop

How Much Does Shopify Cost

After the trial period If you find shopify best to start your online ecommerce store so you can shift trial period to their premium plan which is not much costly starting at $29/mo.

Basic Shopify Plan $29/mo

Plus Plan $79/mo

Advanced Shopify Plan $299/mo

Upto 2 Staff Member

All basic features +Fraud analysis

Gift cards & Manual order creation

Online Store

Professional Reports

Fraud analysis

Add Unlimited Products

Sales channels

Professional Report

Abandoned cart recovery

Fast and reliable checkout

Advanced Report Builder

24/7 Support

Free SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate

App ecosystem with 4,100+ apps

Over 100 currencies for your online store

Shopify POS Lite

Print shipping labels

Discount codes

USPS Priority Mail Cubic® pricing

Shopify Business Name Generator

Before starting any online business the first thing that comes to our mind is our business name which is our unique identity in the digital world. 

So first you have to research your business and then find a suitable brandable business name which is easy to remember.

Here are some shopify business name generator online tools which can help to choose the right branded business domain name.

So these are some best business name generator tools which can help you to choose the right branded domain name for shopify.

Best Shopify Apps 2023

If you want to make a better shopify ecommerce store, these are the best shopify apps 2023 that can help you to grow your business in the right path.

  • Oberlo (Find Popular Products Online)
  • Plug in SEO (Optimize Store for Search Engine To Drive Organic Traffic)
  • Product Review (Allow you to add customer review on your product)
  • Free Shipping Bar (Helps you to enable free shipping bar on products)
  • Kit (helps you to run a successful social media campaign)
  • Form Builder (easily create unique form for shopify store)
  • Push Owl (helps you to increase sales via web push notification)
  • Bulk Image Edit (helps you to optimize and compress product images)

How To Remove Powered By Shopify

Do you want to remove the powered by shopify tag from the footer of your shopify ecommerce store because it is not good for the user point of view. 

So don’t Worry you can easily remove powered by shopify from your store by following below simple steps:-

Step 1 :- Go to your shopify dashboard.

Step 2:- Then click on your store name which shows in the left sidebar after that click on the theme section in the drop down.

Shopify Ecommerce Store

Step 3:- Now simply goto Action button on the top side and click on Edit Language.

removed powered by shopify

Step 4:- Then you can see the search bar in front of you, simply search “Powered” and then you can see the footer section.

remove powered shopify

Step 5:- Then go to the powered by shopify section and enter the space and click on save button.

footer remove powered by shopify

FAQ on How To Start a Shopify Store

So if in your mind have some question related starting a shopify store then here i will be cover up some frequently asked question related to this topic.

How much does it cost to set up a Shopify store?

You can start a 14 days free trial to get started with your first shopify store.

shopify has 3 different plan according to your business need

BASIC PLAN :- Shopify basic paln starting from $29/mo included features like unlimited products, 24/7 support, upto 4 inventory locations, free SSL and more.

SHOPIFY Recommended :- In this plan you will get all basic plan features + more advance features. started from $79/mo

ADVANCED :- In this plan all basic and shopify features included + more advance features like sales automation, advance reports, transaction fee 0.5% only.

Is Shopify good for beginners?

Yes Definetly shopify is one of the most beginners friendly and easy to use platform for all small and medium type businesses.

Can I build a Shopify store myself?

Yes it is very easy as simple to create a shopify store first time just you have to put some basic information and you can create your store by yourself by following 6 step which mentioned below.

How much does Shopify take per sale?

shopify charge per sale according to your paln :-

For Basic plan shopify charge transaction fee 2.0%
For Shopify Recommend plan charge transaction fee 1.00%
For Advance plan shopify charge 0.5% transaction fee

Who is Shopify’s biggest competitor?

There are many platforms online that are just like shopify which are shopify strongest competitors like
Square Online

Final Words

Starting an online ecommerce store is very challenging but shopify makes it very simple and easy to start your own ecommerce store and build an online brand.

Shopify has empowered many entrepreneurs to start and grow your online business in an easy way without taking care of hosting because hosting is really a big issue to start an online business.

And in shopify you don’t need to spend any single penny in your hosting that gives you great relief so you can just focus on growing your business.

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