The [A to Z] Guide to Guest Blogging in 2023

Are you blogging for a while? But, yet to start the guest blogging or guest posting process? You have already missed a lot. Possibly, it might be one reason, your blog traffic and targeted keywords rankings do not come up as you expected.

Many argue guest blogging is no more worth trying. No, it’s worth your time and effort in 2023 and beyond.

So, in this blog post, I will write down the A to Z guide to Guest Blogging in 2023. Do not just read, you must act to see the results from your guest blogging practice.

Let’s get started with a basic definition of guest blogging and then in-depth guidance on guest blogging one section after another.

What is Guest Blogging or Guest Posting ?

Guest blogging usually termed as ‘Guest Posting’ is one of the SEO practices frequently used to be followed by bloggers and web admins for various advantages.

Actually, guest posting is the process of writing content (blog posts) for other blogs that are similar to your blog niche.

By writing guest posts for similar blogs that are based on your industry, you can achieve the following advantages:

  • You will get one or two do-follow links back to your blog.
  • Your domain authority probably will increase.
  • You can see a hike in your blog referral traffic in real-time
  • You can attract more visitors back to your blog via your guest articles.
  • Your keywords related to the guest post might advance in ranking positions.
  • Your online authority will be established on a higher note.
  • Your backlink profile will become stronger.
  • And a lot more

Not only these benefits, but also, you may get the chance to meet new bloggers through your guest articles on other blogs, and possibly, you may get opportunities to write for more blogs.

Importance of Guest Posting in 2023 and Beyond

Before getting started with the guest blogging practice to increase your brand awareness in 2023, it is better to understand the importance of the practice.

You cannot just always write for your own blog and be only in your circle when you are blogging. In order to show your strength and become popular in your blogging niche, you should write for other blogs as well.

Also, be open for others to write on your blog as guest bloggers. So, your audience might get to read different styles of fresh content on your blog.

When you are blogging, having a good relationship with fellow bloggers is one of the keys to success. You cannot think like you only should win. This way of thinking never worked out in the blogging field.

So, guest posting is one of the best practices for being in the belt with your niche bloggers and gaining benefits. That’s the importance of guest blogging in 2023 that you should be aware of.

Getting Started with Guest Blogging – Preparation Scenario

Before sending emails blindly to approach guest blogging to other bloggers, proper preparation is a very first thing that you should follow to get started with guest blogging.

Let me explain to you a step-by-step process on how to prepare for a guest blogging approach.

  • Create an MS Excel File
  • Organize the Excel file by adding the following things such as name of the website, domain URL, domain Moz authority, name of the person you have to contact, and his/her email address.
  • Now, open or any country extension according to your choice and target.
  • In the Google Search column, search for your niche keywords.

Or else try the searches like this:

  • Your keyword + ‘“write for us”
  • Your keyword + ‘“guest blogging”
  • Your keyword + ‘“guest posting”

For example, if you are searching for blogs that are related to WordPress, then your search will be something like WordPress + “write for us”

  • You will probably receive a bunch of Google results. Take results from up to 3 pages. Just open them one by one and make sure to check they are accepting guest posts. It’s easier to find whether the blog you opened is accepting guest posts or not. If yes, the blog has a ‘Write for Us’ page.
  • Now go to your excel sheet and fill in the columns according to what you have gathered from blogs that appeared on Google results. At least, try to take 10 to 15 blog URLs that accept guest posts along with the name and email address of the blogger.
  • If you cannot fill the excel with just 3 pages, ensure to refer to the 4th, 5th, and 6th pages or even try with some other keywords. You will definitely get a list of better blogs that accept guest postings.
  • Now, your excel sheet has filled with some 10 to 15 blog URLs that accept guest posts. Am I right?
  • So, it’s time to approach the bloggers behind the blog URL you have taken in the list.

I recommend you add a few more columns to the same excel sheet such as the date you approached, whether the reply was received or not, accepted or rejected, the follow-up date and the guest post pitch you approached. The fields need to be filled after you get a response from your approach.

Getting Started with Guest Posting – Approaching Scenario

From the excel list, you have to approach by sending an email to everyone requesting for writing content on their blogs.

It’s better to prepare a professional yet friendly email template to approach the blog owners. You can search on the internet for a template format or else you can create one yourself.

Make little edits in every template according to whom you are sending emails. For approaching in a better way, spend some time going through the particular bloggers ‘Write for Us’ page and understand their requirements. So, you can send guest posts approaching emails that attract bloggers. It works out.

Now, refer to the excel sheet and send approach emails. If you have an email address under your domain name, use the email to send guest blogging request emails. It looks more professional than sending emails using Gmail or something else.

That’s the approaching scenario. The perfect Email pitch you send, the more positive response you will get. While sending Email pitches, ensure to offer the bloggers 3 to four content choices. So, go with the title suggestions.

Depending on the response you receive from the bloggers, you can fill in the remaining fields in the Excel sheet. If you have not received any responses, make sure to send follow-up emails.

After all, you are now ready with the list of bloggers who have accepted your request to publish content on their blogs. Now, it’s time to create content.

Writing the Guest Post

write your guest post

Remember, your approach just got approved, and does not mean that you got everything on the plate. So, here comes the most important stage of your guest blogging practice.

  • Write your guest post in the most interesting manner

While writing the guest post to publish on someone else’s blog, follow the below guidelines:

  • Understand the requirement of whom and which blog you are writing your guest post.
  • Write your guest post with proper keyword research and use catchy title tags, headings, and descriptions as well.
  • Always follow a unique style instead of copying someone else’s style of writing.
  • Write guest post content to the point. Do not add content for the sake of quantity. Add links to your blog with a perfectly matched anchor text.
  • Mainly, images are the thing in guest posts that gets more user attraction. So, ensure to add the required images.
  • Finally, proofread the guest post by checking grammar and spelling mistakes. You can use tools like Grammarly to check your content’s grammatical errors.

That’s the whole writing process. There is nothing wrong in revising the content twice or thrice. So, revise and make edits to get the perfect content output.

Send your Final Guest Post Copy for Publishing

If you are done with the writing process, you can now send the copy to the blog owner for review. Some may want to make changes in the guest post content and some approve instantly. So, act accordingly.

If your guest post content seems everything is fine for the blogger, then your post will get published in the blog that you approached.

Once published, check everything is perfect and importantly, you should check your link is there.

People may start commenting on your guest post. Spend time replying to all those comments for better exposure. At last, feel free to thank the blogger or website owner who has approved your guest post to be published on his/her blog.

Share the Guest Post on your Social Media Profiles

Now, share the guest post on your social media handles as much as possible and try to create links for your guest post within your blog post for the most related anchor texts.

This way you can create an impact on the guest post you published on someone else’s blog. So, that’s the best practice and A to Z guide to guest blogging in 2023.

You have to repeat the same process all the time whenever you want to publish guest articles on other blogs in your niche.

Once you make the guest blogging practice your habit, you can sooner realize the traffic improvement in your blog as guest posting is one of the most powerful Off Page SEO practices that gains your keyword rankings in Google search.

Free vs Paid Guest Posting: Which is More Beneficial

In Guest blogging term mainly two types of guest posting method used by companies, agencies to boost their client domain authority and traffic or many other reason to run a paid campaign.

In Free Guest Posting there are few bloggers or webmaster allow you free guest post and you have to provide them best content to match their blog authenticity because they don’t want to spoil their website by posting low volume content, not well organized and non-optimized content.

So if your content attract the webmaster only then you will get the quality backlinks in return otherwise you will lose.

In Other hand Paid Guest posting you have to spent some money to get dofollow high quality backlinks with less effort. this way to getting backlinks called “sponsored guest post” or “paid guest post”.

Note :- If you are an agency so you may be need of link building services so our blogging navigation team provide “Link Building Services” you can contact us at :-

Best Email Finder Tool For Guest Posting.

So in guest posting you should need some email hunting or email finder tools to help you reach-out the webmasters or website admin. I have been used these three free or paid tools to find emails.

  • Contactout (Only applicable to find emails on Likedine)
  • Email Hunter – Google Chrome Extension

Final Words on Guest Blogging

Remember, your guest posts on other blogs do not easily get published overnight.

You have to spend a lot of time and effort finding the best blogs, approaching the blog owners, and writing the guest post content as well.

So, do not rush to get your post published. Instead, follow all the above explained processes in the best possible way, the time you spend on the guest blogging practices will definitely offer you profits in terms of multiple ways from your blog.

FAQ on Guest Blogging 2023

What is the difference between blogging and guest posting?

Blogging is writing content for your own blog whereas guest posting is writing content to other blogs. By contributing your content for other blogs that are likely similar to your blog industry, you can earn huge benefits.

Do you get paid for guest blogging?

Some bloggers with great domain authority are open for guest blogging and charge some amount accordingly. And, some offer the chance free of cost. It totally depends on your idea. But, if you have a well-established blog, you can get paid for offering guest blogging.

Why is guest blogging important for SEO?

There are so many ways that guest blogging practice benefits your blog/website SEO campaigns. One of the major factors is that you gain do-follow links that will definitely create an impact on your SEO.

Do guest posts get paid?

Yes many agencies run their paid campaign of guest post for their clients to promote their brand, product and services. but it depend on your domain authority, traffic to get paid from guest posting.

How much should I charge for guest post?

It’s totally depend on you and certain things that matter for guest post contributor like your domain age, DA, DR and monthly traffic, traffic channels and more.

So you can charge according to your blog authority and traffic.

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