15+ Effective Methods to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

The demand for freelance writing jobs is always high, but the problem is, most beginner writers are not aware of how to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

In fact, if there is one of the career options that pays a fruitful of money is freelance writing job.

So, if you are searching for working yet most valuable methods for finding freelance writing jobs for beginners, in this blog post, I have shared 15+ effective methods to find freelance writing jobs for beginners which you can try in 2023, and make plenty of income.

Freelance Marketplace is actually not easy to get going as it seems.

There are more than thousands of jobs in the content writing segment on freelance marketplaces and a lot of clients as well, so you may feel complicated getting started in your freelance writing career as a beginner.

If you are thinking it’s difficult to find freelance writing jobs for beginners, of course, it’s difficult, but with this effective guidance, you can seamlessly find plenty of freelance writing opportunities.

Let’s get started.

15+Effective Methods to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Remember, you can’t succeed in whatever you choose to become until you start executing the process.

I am sure, you will get inspired after reading the whole guidance, but to become a successful freelance writer, you must start to execute the methods listed.

Search for Small Business Websites in your Interested Niche

Whatever the methods you follow to find freelance writing jobs for beginners, Google is one of the best places to get started with.

The very first method I suggest to find freelance writer jobs for beginners is to go to Google and search for small business websites in the niche of your interest. Google will probably on its search results list a set of small business websites.

Open the websites one by one, and look for anything missing in the website in terms of pages and content. Contact the web admin and send a pitch, so that you can create content for missing pages. Possibly, you may get an opportunity to write for such small business websites.

Create a Simple yet Good Looking Portfolio Page

Once you have decided to start your career as a freelance content writer, the very first step is that you need to create a simple portfolio file or even a portfolio website that includes your previous work samples as well as more about yourself such as your interest, hobbies, etc.

Resumes become an old style and a Portfolio is what clients would love to refer nowadays to know about your work history. So, if you have a good looking portfolio website, you can probably show it to different clients to inspire them while finding freelance writing jobs.

Creating a portfolio is easy as there are a lot of online tools to create. You can even use Canva.com to create good looking portfolios as the platform offers easy to use templates.

Search for Business Blogs That have Less Number or No Blog Posts

There are so many business blogs that may not get published with new blog posts because of a lack of content writers. So, you can search for such kinds of business blogs and contact blog webmasters with a pitch that you can write blog posts for their business blogs.

The idea might definitely work out as the blog webmaster feels interested in your pitch and gives you a green signal to write for their business blogs.

Setup an Outstanding Profile on Linkedin

In recent times, the LinkedIn platform has become one of the best destinations for remote job seekers. There are so many clients on LinkedIn used to post their job requirements. Especially, there are a lot of opportunities for freelance beginner content writers.

So, go signup for a Linkedin account and set up your profile thereby adding all the mandatory details. In your bio, ensure to add your previous work samples or as a simple option, link to your portfolio website. You may get hired as a content writer.

Make use of Websites with Job Boards

There are websites or blogs with job board options which means anyone can post job requirements on the website. So, to find such websites, you can search on Google using the term ‘Websites with Job Boards’

You will get a list of websites that have job boards. Refer to the websites’ job boards segment, and look for content writing jobs, and there you can directly apply for the post.

ProBlogger is one of the popular websites that has job boards for users who are looking for content writing jobs. You can check the page Here. That is how job boards look.

Approach ECommerce Store Owners and Pitch for Writing Product Reviews

Again, Google search plays an important role in this effective method. Go to Google, search for online stores that are relevant to your interested niche, and explore the products they have listed in their ECommerce stores.

If you are better at writing product reviews than blog articles and have already done some product reviews, contact the store owner with your pitch. Mention that you are interested in writing reviews for their products.

I am sure, your pitch may definitely get you to review writing opportunities. Whenever approaching someone for content writing jobs, ensure to go with a well established portfolio even if you are a beginner, it works like a charm.

Tie up with Local Content Marketing Agencies

Content Marketing agencies keep on arising due to the high demand for various forms of web content. The agencies might have a lot of clients already but are running short of content writers. So, you may search for content marketing agencies in your location and ask whether they can offer you content writing jobs to work as a freelancer model for the agency.

If so, tie up with the content marketing agency, get projects and deliver the content projects according to the requirements on time. One of the practical ways to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Approach Business Websites that Do Not Send Email Newsletters

Even in 2023, Whatsapp kind of business chats are more popular, still, Email Marketing is worth trying marketing method. But, many businesses lack Email marketing because of not knowing the importance of the marketing method.

So, ensure to find out the small business websites that are not sending Email newsletters to their subscribers and convey to them the importance of Email Marketing and pitch a quote that you can be their Email newsletter content creator.

Be a Part of Online Content Writing Internships

Being a part of the internship program is one of the best ways to shape your skills and at the same time, you can earn a decent amount of money as well.

For beginner content writers, there are a lot of online internship programs to join and write content. Internshala, Youth4work, Internship, Linkedin, and a few more are the industry’s best platforms that offer freelance internship programs for beginner content creators.

Once you have successfully completed your internship with any one of the above said platforms, then your PortFolio gets even more exposure as you can add about your internship. Participation in the internship program might help you solely handle content writing projects.

Write for Other Blogs Free of Cost

The method does not give you earnings but fortunately helps you get freelance writing jobs as a beginner. You may have heard about the concept of guest blogging which means you write for other blogs without charging anything.

There are a lot of blogs that are open for guest bloggers, you need to approach such blogs and share ideas that you want to contribute to the blog. If the blog admin gets interested in your ideas, he/she may accept your contribution and publish your blog posts on other blogs.

You can add your guest posts contribution to your portfolio, it might help you impress your clients while searching for freelance writing jobs.

Create an Author Bio that Stands out from the Crowd

A perfectly looking author bio possibly gains you a lot of content writing opportunities. It personally happened to me as well.

So, create a killer author bio that impresses audiences as well as your clients. Having said that, guest blogging does not give you earnings, but luckily, you can drop your author bio at the end of every guest post you contribute to other blogs.

When people read the blog posts and are impressed with your writing style, you may get contacted and given freelance content writing jobs.

Even simple things make big changes in your career.

find content writing jobs for beginners through FB groups

Facebook groups are the best option to find freelance writing jobs for beginners and get hired.

Log in to your Facebook account, on the search tab, search with the query ‘freelance writing jobs’ or even ‘content writing jobs’. You will be returned with a list of results including groups, pages, and individuals. Skip pages and individual profiles and look for groups.

Open groups and send join requests as many as possible. Introduce yourself to the group members along with your skill sets in the content writing field and experience if any.

If people are interested in your skill set and niche of experience, you may get contacted and given writing opportunities. Also, you can directly send messages to group members who have posted their writing requirements.

Become a Freelance Writer for Local Magazines

If you know people who own a local magazine in the town you are living in, you can approach them and share your interest in writing for the local magazine. There will always be a good demand for writers for local magazines. If you get a chance, it will be a great experience for you to avail more freelance writing jobs in the future.

Once you become an expert in writing different articles for local magazines, in order to move to the next level, you can then approach national magazines online by showcasing your local magazine’s experience and get hired to write for national magazines.

Magazine writers earn a handsome income and the job will always be in great demand.

The above listed 13 methods are general ways that you can take into consideration to find beginners freelance writing jobs. Now, let’s take a look at a few popular freelancing websites that are exclusively available for beginner content writers to get hired.



UpWork previously known as Elance is one of the popular websites worldwide to find thousands of freelance writing jobs for beginners, intermediate, and experts as well.

On the Upwork platform, content writing jobs keep on getting posted by different kinds of clients on a daily basis.

You just have to create your Upwork account and set up your profile including your experience and content writing works you have done in the past. According to your interest, you will get a list of content writing jobs every now and then.

You have to bid for a project with an attractive quotation. If a client is satisfied with your bid, you may avail a good number of content writing projects, and make money as a freelance content writer.

Constant Content

constant content marketplace for freelance writing jobs

Another popular freelancing platform acts as an intermediate between the clients and the writers. Clients used to post their writing requirements on the Constant Content platform whereas freelance beginner writers can bid for client projects, start writing and make a good income by delivering the client content requirements.

In order to be a part of Constant Content freelance writing platform as a content writer, you need to create an account, attend a quick survey, and then you will be requested to write a few samples. If your writing is accepted by the team, then you can bid for client projects.

According to a few trusted sources, the top writers from the platform used to earn $90,000+ per year as the platform is partnered with big names such as Uber, Walgreens, etc.



A beginner-friendly platform to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. Creating your account at Fiverr is absolutely free. Once you are done with the account creation process, you have to create your Gigs that include your work samples, the money you charge per hour for content writing, and a few other details.

When someone finds your Fiverr Gigs interesting, you will get responses for your Gigs and you can have a talk with the client via Fiverr itself. If everything is finalized, you can start working on the project and earn money.

Every time you finish projects, you will get ratings from your clients. The higher the ratings you get, the more projects you will be assigned.


Opportunities for freelance writing jobs for beginners are huge out there, it’s all about how you find and use the opportunities cleverly.

Even though finding freelance writing jobs for beginners is complicated, I hope that you may now get clarity after reading the whole guide on how to find freelance content writing jobs for beginners.

I am telling you again, don’t just leave here. Act now and be a professional content writer and make thousands of dollars to live your dream life.

Frequently Asked Questions: Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

How do I get started as a freelance writer?

My very first advice is to develop your skills in content writing. In order to write a good copy, you should read a lot and practice writing 500 words per day consistently at least.

This way you can be a good writer and after a few months of practicing, you can get started as a freelance writer. When you start as a freelance writer, make use of the above listed effective methods to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

How can I get paid for writing with no experience?

I would say, first gain experience and start approaching projects. Content Writing is a very competitive career field and if you do not have enough experience, then you may not get good pay. You may try joining an internship program and gain experience and then get paid.

What is the best freelance job for beginners?

There is a lot to list as every freelance job is the best for beginners. Depending on your skill set and your interest, you can choose one. In particular, content writing is one of the best freelance jobs that beginners could try. The scope for the job is damn high and one can earn a decent amount of income by freelance writing jobs.

Where can I find freelance work for beginners?

There are lots of opportunity for freelance work as a beginners first you have to proof your skills in any online field like content writing, graphics designing, digital marketing or any field in which area you have expertise.

Then find some online marketplaces like fiverr, Upwork etc or pitch to bloggers, youtuber and agencies to get hired then you can easily earn a good amount of money.

What is the easiest online job for beginners?

Here are some best and easiest online jobs for beginners which you can do without or less experience :

1. Data Entry Jobs
2. Content writing jobs
3. Online Survey Jobs.
4. Graphic Designing
5. Link Building Service
6. Social Media Manager
7. SEO

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