Formidable Forms Review: Powerful Features, Pros and Cons

Forms are an important part of a website if you want to collect data from the people who visit your website everyday. You can also conduct quizzes, surveys and receive payments with the help of forms.

Integrating some kind of form on your website not only helps you collect data that can be used to make the website more optimised and improve the content quality.

it also gives a huge boost to the user-creator interaction.

If you have a WordPress website and you want to integrate a plugin that lets you collect data directly from the user via different kinds of forms, then Formidable forms plugin can be a great option for you.

Using this plugin, you can either choose from predefined form templates or design your own form to integrate into your website.

In addition to that, you can use third party integrations to make your forms more customised.

In this article, we will be doing a detailed review of the Formidable forms plugin for WordPress. We will take a look at the features, positive and negative sides, pricing etc., to give you a detailed overview of the plugin.

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Formidable Forms Review: Powerful Features

Smooth Workflow

The Formidable form plugin comes with a drag-and-drop form builder which helps you design every kind of form in just a few clicks.

If you are not sure what format to use for your forms, you can also use pre-designed templates. Also, Formidable gives you the option to export an existing form layout to use on your website.

Formidable Forms

Using the plugin, you can implement different kinds of forms like customer surveys, quizzes, etc. The grading is done automatically by the plugin itself in case you are conducting a quiz.

Formidable also gives you the option to implement online calculators and conditional logic in your forms.

Advanced Designs and Styles

By taking the help of Formidable, you can make your forms look more attractive to the users. All the form formats are perfectly responsive to mobile browser screens and the colour, design and padding can be changed to fit the theme of your website.

Formidable forms advance design

To make the forms look more attractive, Formidable also allows you to add Bootstrap form styling in forms.

Formidable also lets you add multi-page forms and conversational forms where a new form field appears after the previous field is answered.

The plugin also supports Left-to-Right text directions which might be useful in some specific cases.

Better Response Customization

With the Formidable plugin, you can customize the way you receive user responses. You can set the duration for which the form will be active and the number of responses it will receive.

The plugin can also fill out forms automatically to make the process easier.

Formidable lets you upload files, add digital signatures and dates to the forms and in case the user has not finished filling up the form, the form gets auto-saved and the user can continue later.

The user can also review the form before submitting.

Formidable also ensures that only legit responses are submitted via the form by providing spam protection software like reCAPTCHA, Akismet, Honeyspot etc.

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Store and Use Data Collected via Forms

Formidable gives the flexibility to use the form data to both the user and the website owner. After filling out the form, the user can edit the submissions from the front-end itself.

They can also view form data in a well-designed manner and can even export their data with the help of custom CSV files.

As a website owner, you get the flexibility to update, search or delete any response from both the frontend and the backend.

Formidable also gives you the option to export the form responses as CSV files. You can also send automatic email notifications to the users and with the Twilio integration, you can also send a confirmation SMS to the user after they have submitted the form.

Payment Collections

The Formidable forms plugin will make your life easier if you are running an ecommerce website or any site where any kind of monetary transaction is needed.

formidable form payment integration

Using this plugin, you can create a quick checkout form with the quantity of products and the total payable amount. The plugin also works fluently with WooCommerce and lets you add custom fields to WooCommerce product forms to collect relevant data.

You can accept all kinds of card payments from your users as Formidable offers support for Stripe payments. You can also receive instant payments via PayPal and one-time payments via

Powerful API Integration

This is a feature that differentiates Formidable forms from other WordPress form plugins. You can integrate Formidable with services like Mailchimp (for mailing lists).

Formidable forms api integration

Zapier (for connection with APIs like google spreadsheet, dropbox, twitter etc.,) AWeber, Hubspot, Salesforce and much more.

With the help of Zapier and Uncanny automator, you can get access to over 4000 APIs like Gmail, Slack, Google calendar, Trello, Twitter, Airtable, Shopify, Pinterest and many more.

Also, with Formidable forms, you get access to awesome third party integrations like WP mail SMTP, MonsterInsights, E2PDF, LifterLMS, Geolocation and much more.

Now that we have discussed all the main features of the Formidable forms plugin, let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of this WordPress plugin so that it can help you in finding the right choice.


  • There is a free version of the plugin which will help you to make basic forms and get acquainted with the working environment.
  • The one-step installation process makes it a lot easier to get started with.
  • The drag-and-drop form builder makes the process of making forms a lot easier.
  • You can add a lot of customizations to your forms to make it suitable for any specific use case.
  • Features like multi-step forms and conversational forms set it apart from other plugins.
  • They offer a 14-day money back guarantee.


  • The plugin might be overwhelming for beginners as there are so many customization options to apply.
  • In some parts knowledge of HTML or CSS is necessary which makes it hard for people with no coding background.
  • The pricing which starts at $39.50 is definitely on a more expensive side.
  • There is no separate setup to store your data. The only thing you can do is to store them in your storage.

Plans and Pricing

Formidable forms offer 4 plans which are renewed on a yearly basis. In the table below we will discuss the pricing and features of the plans.

BASIC1. 50+ Form Templates
2. Multi-Page Forms
3. Conditional Logic
4. Review Before Submit
5.Unlimited Forms
6. Unlimited Monthly Entries
7. 1 Site
$39 .50 /year
PLUS1. All BASIC features +
2. 90+ Form Templates
3. Formidable Views ($349 value)
4. Reviews & Comments
5. Modal Forms
6. Landing Pages
7. Bootstrap Form Styling.
8. User Tracking.
9. MailChimp.
10. MailPoet Newsletters
11. Up to 3 Sites
$99 .50 /year
BUSINESSAll PLUS features +150+ Form Templates
CalculatorsUser Registration
Surveys & Polls
Conversational Forms
Export Tables to CSV
Zapier (3000+ Apps)
Twilio SMS
WPML Integration
Priority Support
Up to 7 Sites
$199 .50 /year
ELITEAll ELITE features +170+ Form Templates
Stripe AIM
Form Action Automation
WordPress Multisite
Elite Support
Unlimited Sites
$299 .50 /year

Final Words on Formidable Forms Review

Now that we have discussed almost every aspect of the Formidable forms plugin, let us come to the final and the most obvious question: is it good for me?

The answer would be YES! If forms are an integral part of your website and you are ready to invest some money into an all-in-one WordPress form plugin. you should definitely go for Formidable forms.

But if you need a basic form on your website, then there are free alternatives that get the job done. But remember, no free plugin will offer you the flexibility and customizability that this plugin offers.

I hope this article gave you enough information about the Formidable forms WordPress plugin. If you have any more queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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