Ecommerce SEO 2023: Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Guide

Are you building an eCommerce site for your business? Or are you someone who has the best quality products but is struggling to rank on Google?

If Yes then you came on the right path here we are going to tell you Ecommerce SEO 2023 which will benefits you to improve your Ecommerce SEO in 2023.

It goes without saying that the internet has influenced everything under the sun. Especially, the growing market of AIs and start-ups. The wave of social media marketing and influence has created a stir among businesses.

Today, it is vital for a business to have an online presence. Before visiting your retail store, the consumers will first search you online for information. Websites like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart have created that space on the internet.

Hosting a website for your business is a gateway for new customers. And this is where E-commerce SEO helps.

As crucial it is to build a website, it is equally important to rank that site. If you do not have top searches on the search engine, your site would not be visited. Optimizing your site with SEO is like polishing your website to shine.

Hence, to help businesspersons in setting up an SEO optimised site we have curated a list. 10 Best E-Commerce SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business Rankings.

Let’s get started!

What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce SEO 2023

The primary agenda of a business is to attract and engage consumers. Therefore, before starting the discussion, let’s see the merits of eCommerce SEO. Following are the reasons why your business site should optimise the search engine;

  • Brand Recognition
  • Higher CTR
  • Organic and Long-Term Growth.
  • Build Better User Experience.

Brand Recognition

E-Commerce SEO helps the website in establishing a ranking through which the brand and products are recognised. For Instance, if someone is looking for ‘Vegan Leather Handbags’ and your site pops up in the suggestions. The chances of the visitor choosing your brand are higher as ranking can influence the awareness.

Higher CTR

Click-through-Rate refers to the number of times your site has been clicked on. Even for us, we hardly go beyond the first page on Google. Ranking your site on the first page is extremely important for engagement which can be achieved through SEO.

Organic and Long-Term Growth

No doubt website SEO takes time to build but it is here to stay. PPC is an effective way to allure consumers but building organic rankings will stay for the long term. They do not stop producing good results once the campaign is off.

Build Better User Experience

We have been talking about the external factors till now but SEO assists in building user experience. If your website is outdated and slow, sorry to say but no one would give it another chance.

You already have hundreds of replacements on the internet hence, SEO helps in standing out.

10 Best Strategies For E-Commerce SEO 2023

Having discussed the fundamental aspects of eCommerce SEO, let’s get into the strategies!

Determine The Best Keywords

This is the base of your SEO research. Keywords are specific terms or phrases which can be used by buyers to search for a product or service. When you incorporate these keywords into your blogs or your product description your website is suggested. Tools like eComhunt and JungleScout can be used to find better ideas.

The list of keywords for every website and industry is different. However, some of the basic patterns can be followed to classify the keyword intent.

For instance, it is important you conduct research on your analytics and that of the ads and SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page).

Once done with the research, you can section your keyword into;

  • Information Keywords
  • Commercial Keywords

nformation Keywords refer to ‘How to’ guides and factual information for the product or service. Commercial Keywords are a direct implication of a purchase. Here, the consumer is mostly looking to buy and not much research.

Upon getting your desired keyword index, categorise them into sections of utilisation. A few keyword patterns to use are:

  • Long-Tail Keywords ( eg. ‘vegan leather handbags for women’)
  • LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing (semantics of the primary keyword and to be used once)
  • Primary Keywords are to be used 3 – 5 in a product summary or blogs.

Quick and Easy Navigation

The navigation of a website is an imperative aspect. Imagine clicking on a website that ranks well on the page but has information scattered around. As a consumer, especially when I am new to a site, I would want the experience to be smooth and easy.

Hence, it is vital that you keep your website interface simple and crisp. For instance, if the product page navigation from the homepage is difficult and long the visitor may leave without a purchase. This is when you should optimise your site and keep the product pages within a few clicks.

On-Page SEO

In terms of On-Page SEO, the major factor that an eCommerce site needs to optimise is the product and service category. As mentioned before, this can be achieved through relevant keywords and phrases in product descriptions.

Let’s discuss some of the other methods to optimise your websites:

  • Adding keywords to descriptions and meta titles.
  • Using primary and LSI keywords as frequently as possible.
  • Adding infographics and high-end stock of images.
  • Add schema markups to help the search engine understand your site motive better.
  • Using relevant keywords in URLs.
  • Enhance the user experience.

The above methods are common for all industry types and can be used by any businessperson.

Product Description and Image Optimisation

As an eCommerce site, your USP is your products and services. Hence, you need to optimise your product description. This is the information that will help a visitor understand your product and become a potential consumer.

Also, sometimes businesses just copy-paste the description and change a little bit of information here and there. This can be considered plagiarism and will impact the ranking of the website.

Adding to this, the aspect that is quite often neglected are images. Adding high-end images optimises the page altogether. Now, think a step ahead and add keywords to your images.

This will create a pathway for consumers. to visit your website. Especially, who get their information through images.

You can follow the ways mentioned below to optimise your product summaries and images:

  • Add and highlight the specifications of the product.
  • Try to write keyword-rich descriptions within 800-100 words for enhanced readability.
  • Add primary and LSI keywords in your descriptions.
  • Add Call to Action to your page such as ‘Buy’ and ‘Add to Cart’
  • Add customer reviews for authenticity.
  • Add alt tags for your images.
  • Add keywords to your image files for easy searchability.

Provision of Backlinks

Backlinks are referred to as affiliations with other authentic websites to promote your content or products. This can be effectively achieved through Guest Blogging. The term ‘Guest Blogging’ means to have your content posted on a site that works in a similar or semantic niche.

In a simpler sense, it can be also referred to as a collaboration between two websites. You add a link to my page and I will add a link to yours.

Backlinks can also be created through social media posts and discussion forums like Quora and Reddit.

Utilization of Internal Linking

Where backlinks refer to promotion through external sources. Internal Linking is more like guiding your customers or visitors to different pages within your website.

For instance, I am writing an article on ‘How to bake a cake’. Previously I have created articles on ‘How to make whipped cream’ and ‘How to bake a cake without an oven’

Instead of explaining everything again, I will add the link to my other articles in my recent one. This will build a network of visitors throughout my website and not just an article.

Enhance the Page Loading Speed

Site loading speed is a major aspect of the ranking algorithm. To give an example, if you are looking for a product say footwear and find a site link for the same. Now, the site is high ranking but the speed of the site is slow and it is taking quite a lot of time to load images.

What will you do?

You will shift to the next best site within minutes. This is customer psychology and should be considered when optimising your website. The main reason for this is that an eCommerce site relies on the images of a product. You can compress your files without hampering the quality of the image.

Other reasons can be

  • Troubleshoot with your web host.
  • A large number of scripts and content.

Addition of Testimonials

When we are looking for a product after price the next most important aspect for purchasing a product are reviews. Customer experience and testimonials build trust in your product and brand.

You add customer reviews through rating on the 5-star scale. The addition of multimedia testimonials like images and videos of the product after receiving the product can be done.

Explore Multimedia Content Options

It is said that information when provided through a visual medium creates a better impact. You can add videos of demos and tutorials on your website to entice the consumers. For instance, if you are selling a software subscription you can add a demo of the interface.

Multimedia content helps in uplifting the engagement of the website. You can create unique and innovative content for the website to not rank higher but also provide quality content for the consumers.

Cross-Channel Promotion

As mentioned before, an online presence for an eCommerce site is imperative. Hence, to create a widespread network of visitors you need to add links to your social media channels.

These links can be for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. This creates a unified optimisation chain for your business. You can enhance your visibility and brand recognition through these platforms.

The cross-channel promotion also helps in generating organic traffic for the website. With that, we conclude our list of best e-Commerce SEO strategies. We hope you utilise these methods for businesses and create websites that are high ranking and revenue-generating.

FAQ Questions on Ecommerce SEO 2023

So lets pickup some questions related to ecommerce seo which asked by people on google.

How do ecommerce products do SEO?

1. First Use High Quality product images for SEO
2. Use Alt Tag in Product Images.
3. Proper optimize product description with targeted keywords
4. Optimize meta description.
5. Apply basic On-Page SEO For Product
6. Do Proper Internal Linking
7. In Last Focus on Link Building of Product Pages.

Is SEO important for ecommerce?

Yes Of course if you run any online business so you must need to do proper SEO for your business to get visitors to your business from google so SEO is most important for all online businesses.

Which Ecommerce has the best SEO?

All ecommerce platforms provide you all basic SEO settings in their store like shopify, big commerce, magneto etc. but its all depend on your SEO skills and implementation so that you can apply exact strategies which really work for you.

Final Words on Ecommerce SEO 2023

So these are 10 must do Ecommerce SEO 2023 best practices for improve your ecommerce seo to get best result fo you. SEO is all about implementing what you learn and get experience from it so these are the tips for ecommerce business to grow online.

If you have any question around this topic that comes in your mind so please ask your any question in the comment section and I will be happy to help you.

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