Cloudways Review 2021: Is It Really Powerful Cloud Hosting?

Do you want to scale your online business ?

So you must need a scalable web hosting that handles all your major projects with a powerful server that can handle website traffic and skyrocket your website speed.

Are you stuck with your existing host and looking for a more powerful web hosting that can fulfill all your hosting related problems in terms of Uptime, Speed and Security, Performance.

So cloudways is a one stop solution for all hosting related problems it is the most popular and powerful cloud web hosting provider in the market.

If you are a blogger or growing agency who handles multiple sites at the same time and sometimes if your website hits good traffic, your traditional host can’t handle that traffic and it can crash.

But if your website is hosted on cloudways, it can handle high traffic very easily without any loss. So there are many other benefits of Cloud Hosting and Cloudways is one of the top hosting company.

In this article I will give a genuine Cloudways Review 2021 so that you can give a try to this hosting instead of other traditional hosting.

Why Trust on Cloudways Web Hosting

Cloudways is a managed wordpress cloud hosting company who has been in the market since 2011 Aaqib Gadit is co-founder and director in Cloudways.

Cloudways Featured

Cloudways provides edge hosting solutions with its powerful features, simplicity and performance to grow startup, ecommerce, agencies and developers.

Cloudways also featured in some famous publications like Forbes, PC Magazine, TechRadar etc. so you can trust on cloudways web hosting company that provide great features with amazing performance.

Cloudways Free Trial - $30 Free Credit

Before migrating one host to another host this is really stressful work but cloudways free trial makes it very simple and easy. You can activate cloudways hosting free trial then if you feel everything is perfect then you can upgrade your plan.

Cloudways also has useful and important features that you can easily migrate with help of Migrate Tool in a few clicks.

So if you want to grow and scale your online business with a powerful managed wordpress cloud hosting at an affordable price so must give a try instead.

Cloudways Review 2021: Top Features


Cloudways has not its own infrastructure but it comes and relies on different other cloud hosting provider like:-

  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Cloud
  • Linode
  • Vultr

These are 5 powerful cloud server providers that cloudways offer when you are going to purchase any plan you have to choose any of these servers to launch your website with cloudways.

All Necessary Features Included

In this cloudways review we are not talking much about some normal features that every web hosting offers and cloudways also provides these necessary important features below.

  • 24*7 Support
  • Free SSL
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Optimized with Advance Cache
  • Auto Healing

These are some necessary features that are included in every plan in cloudways.

Cloudways Bot

Cloudways Bot is an AI based assistant who will keep an eye on your account and notify you of any single activity related to your server, application, billing and overall performance.

Cloudways Bot

So this feature will help you to track your all hosting performance to scale up online business.

Dedicated Environment and CDN

The main benefits of using cloudways hosting is that you will get a dedicated environment to scale your website and all plans include dedicated resources that will boost your website speed and performance.

CDN:- Cloudways has their own simple yet powerful CDN that will improve your website loading time 2X faster then before.

By using CDN it allows you to store your website copy on different  servers location to save your website from any major problems like data backup, speed, uptime and performance.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platformimp

Most Advanced Security Features

Cloudways hosting comes with many important security features that really matter a lot for a website owner here are the most important features:-

Cloudways features

Dedicated Firewall:- This feature included in every hosting plan and it will be protected with OS level firewall which filters any specious traffic and kills out intruders.

TFA (Two Factor Authentication) :- This is something really amazing features of cloudways hosting that it is an extra security layer that protects your website from attackers.

Regular Security Patching:- Here cloudways perform regular security patching on your server daily basis to detect and remove any vulnerability.

Bot Protection:- If your website is famous and popular even a new site you often get suddenly hit by bot traffic that will affect bounce rate and seo ranking so this feature protects your site from any bot traffic, brute force attacking.

Manage Server The Way You Want

Cloudways allow you to manage your server as you want and can scale up your website anytime without any problem Here are some key features:-

Best IaaS Providers:- cloudways allow you to choose a server from the variety of best giant providers like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode and AWS.

Global Availability:- cloudways has a 60+ global data center where you can choose a server on your target audience priority and can boost website speed so you have a choice of different server location.

Scale Anytime:- In Future if you want to scale up your website storage, RAM, CPU and anything so you can do it very easily in 1 click feature without any issue.

Launch 10+ Application in Single Click:-  cloudways has a feature that you can install multiple applications like WordPress, Magneto website on your server in 1 click. 

Application and Server Clone:- This is the most important feature of any cloud hosting and cloudways allow you to create a server clone and make duplicate copies of websites in just 1 click so you can save your website from any big loss

Cloudways Free Migration Plugin

Cloudways has a free wordpress migration plugin that will help you to migrate your site from old hosting to cloudways hosting in just a few clicks without any hassle.

And the most noticeable thing is that this is a free plugin so you do not face any problem with cloudways in migrating old hosts to new hosts.

1 Click Backup/Restore

Backup and restore function is a really very important feature of any web hosting and cloudways automatically do backup of all your website and on demand backup in just 1 click.

So you can easily backup/restore your website data in a single click and one main benefit of cloud hosting is that your website copy already saves on many different server locations so you will never ever lose your data from cloud hosting.

Cloudways 24*7 Support

Customer support is one of the most crucial and important features of any web hosting. Because without good support you will not be called the best hosting provider.

No matter how much advance features you offer but customer first and last need is to get the best 24*7 support from their hosting provider.

So come to the point cloudways offer 24*7 support in their all plans but i heard from some bloggers and their support is not too good if you purchase a normal plan that starts at $10/mo.

If you want priority support you will need to buy a higher plan of cloudways. But there is no doubt about their performance, speed, uptime and all features are top notch.

Cloudways Plans and Pricing

Cloudways comes with 4 different plans according to your website needs and requirements. These all plan suited for all types of website and all features included in lower to higher plan.

The best part is that you can  pay the hosting bill monthly at no extra cost and only pay for what resources you use. That's the best feature of cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Plans and Pricing

If your website gets decent traffic so you can go with the first plan that costs $10/mo and also you can start a trial first to test their service.

But if you have some major website that gets high traffic monthly so you can go with other higher plan or choose a different powerful server which will easily handle high traffic.

Should You Buy Cloudways Hosting in 2021

See cloudways is not recommended for beginners who just want to start their first brand new blog. I recommend Hostinger if you are a beginner for more you can read Hostinger Review.

But Wait

Recommended Hosting For Agencies :- Yes if you are a growing digital marketing agency who handles multiple projects at the same time so i recommend to try cloudways instead other traditional hosting.

Because you will get all powerful giant cloud providers at one place (Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode etc) with the most advanced security features that you will never regret later.

Recommended For Pro Bloggers:- If your website is an online well known brand and getting good traffic and you want to scale your blogging business so you should try a most powerful host like cloudways.

Recommended For Developers:- Cloudways is a developer friendly cloud web hosting company that offer many features specially for developers like Cloudways API, Git and Composer pre installed, Only Pay Resource you used, PHP 7 Ready Server, Take App Live in Minute and more 
Cloudways Features for developers

Final Words on Cloudways Hosting Review 2021

Cloudways is the most popular cloud hosting provider in the market but it's not very user friendly for non tech people but you can easily launch your project with a few simple clicks. It is not rocket science to understand their interface.

It's just like other hosting but having a unique simple user interface and can install all popular applications in just 1 click like WordPress, Drupal, Magneto etc.

So cloudways is an all in one stop solution for all types of small, medium, large projects with most amazing powerful features so you should give a try to cloudways and see the result.

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