10+ Useful Chrome Extensions For Bloggers [Updated 2021]

Are you a blogger, or youtuber and looking for Best Chrome Extensions ?

If you are looking for some really essential chrome extensions so you came in the right place because here i will suggest you some useful chrome extensions for bloggers & youtubers.

That will really help you to do your work more perfectly and take your blog to the next level

Do you know more than 60% of users use google chrome browser to consume content on the internet and google chrome has 66% market share.

Chrome Market Share


It is a very popular browser for surfing content online, very easy to use, simple and clean design makes it the world’s most popular browser.

And Extensions feature in browsers adding more value to users, time saving , work faster, make any task easier. It is like a tool, or software that is useful for every internet user if they are a blogger youtuber etc.

Table of Contents 1Best Useful Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Youtubers 2021Grammarly Extension For BloggersKeyword Surfer SEO ToolWhatFont Chrome Extension For BloggersSimilarWeb Extension For BloggersMozBar Extensions By MozAlexa Traffic Rank ExtensionAutofill Chrome ExtensionFATRANK – Keyword Rank Checker Save To Google Drive2Final Verdicts

Best Useful Chrome Extensions For Bloggers & Youtubers 2021

A Blogger is a creative person that does many activities and research on the internet in their daily routine so this best chrome extensions list will sure help you to do your work more efficiently and perfectly.

Here i will list only those google chrome extensions which i really use in my daily routine of blogging and suggest you to grow your online business with these best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Grammarly Extension For Bloggers

Grammarly Extension

Grammarly is the most popular tool for bloggers and content writers to write error free content as you know google has rolled out many updates in a year so you have to be sure that your content has no grammar error.

To help google better understand your content so in that case grammarly chrome extension will help you to write error free content and use proper sentences.

It has free or paid versions. You can use this extension free on your google chrome browser and after that when you write anything it will auto suggest you best sentence with zero mistakes.

Keyword Surfer SEO Tool

Keyword Surfer Tool

If you are a blogger or youtuber so this tool will help you to find some keywords for you to write content. It is an alternative of keyword everywhere that is paid now.

but don’t worry you can use this tool totally free to get some keywords for your blog. Just Install this tool on your chrome browser and get many benefits of this tool like Keywords, Traffic and CPC

Keyword Surfer Extension

After you add this tool on your browser just type a keyword and this tool will show you all keyword stats of your right side of the browser

TubeBuddy Extension For Youtubers

Most of you already know about this tool that it is the best chrome extension for youtubers that help to get more organic reach on youtube it is similar to Yoast SEO plugin that we use in WordPress to optimize content for search engines.

TubeBuddy Extension

As like tubebuddy will help you to optimize your youtube videos to get more reach, views and subscribers and it is really worth a tool for youtubers who want to grow their youtube channel fast.

It has both a free or paid version but first use it free and when your channel grows then you must try the paid version to get more amazing features and benefits.

WhatFont Chrome Extension For Bloggers

WhatFont Chrome Extension

This is another best chrome extension for bloggers who are curious to know what font their competitors are using so this tool will help you to find your competitor font.

Font is also a very important part of blogging. It should look attractive and grab user attention. 

This tool tells you not only font but it gives you more information like font name, font type, font style & font size so this tool will be helpful for all bloggers who want to know about their competitors.

WhatFont Tool

This must have chrome extension tools for bloggers and digital marketers.

SimilarWeb Extension For Bloggers

As a blogger we always curious about to know some popular blogs traffic that how much traffic they are getting in their blog so Similar Web is a popular chrome extension tools that show website stats like:

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

  • Monthly Blog Traffic
  • Global Rank
  • Country Rank
  • Category Rank
  • Bounce Rate
  • Top 5 Country Traffic

So if you also want to spy on your competitors so this tool will help you & show your competitor website stats. Most bloggers use and suggest this tool.

MozBar Extensions By Moz

Mozbar Extension

Moz is a top best seo marketing company that develops seo tools and DA PA metrics is also developed by moz and mozbar is a chrome extension tool that will help you to spy on a website how much a website has authority.

In the Term of Domain Authority & Page Authority also you can see how many referring domains that website are getting.

So if you are a blogger and digital marketer so must use this essential chrome extension to spy on your competitors.

Alexa Traffic Rank Extension

Alexa Traffic Rank Extension

Alexa is developed by amazon and alexa rank shows how much a website is popular and performs world wide so this tool will also help you to improve your alexa rank which grab attention to many brands who show interest in your blog.

Alexa traffic rank extension show stats like :-

  • Alexa Global Traffic Rank
  • Alexa Country Rank
  • Top Keywords
  • Similar Websites
  • Average Load Time
  • Bounce Rate

So you should use this useful chrome extension to analyse your competitor website to see how it performs worldwide.

Autofill Chrome Extension

Autofill Chrome Extension

Every user daily surf the internet and sign up for many other forms like on social media or other websites & many of you forget their password so this tool will save your all social media and other important account passwords.

So whenever you visit the site again to login so you will get your password with autosave you don’t need to remember it this tool automatically restores your all login password.

As a blogger we fill many signup forms on the internet to increase blog branding etc . We can’t remember every account password so in that case this extension will help us to save passwords.

FATRANK – Keyword Rank Checker 

Fatrank chrome extension

Fatrank keyword rank checker tool is an amazing chrome extension to check your keyword ranking position if you want to know the exact position of your keyword that is ranking on SERP so this extension will give you an exact keyword position.

I am using this tool sometime to check my ranking keyword position on SERP and really this tool shows the exact position of keywords that were ranked on google.

So if you are a blogger you can try this tool to know the exact keyword position. It is a totally free chrome extension to use.

Save To Google Drive

Save To Google Drive

This is the most useful chrome extension that every blogger or youtubers should use this tool to save web content directly to your google drive.

Sometime when we surf the internet we find some amazing content in the form of text, video, images & we want to save it so by using this extension you can easily save any type of web content directly on your google drive account.

This tool is helpful for all bloggers and youtubers so spend lots of time on research and learn new things on the internet.

Final Verdicts

Google chrome is a widely used web browser over the internet and it takes more than 60% market share so you can get an idea of its popularity because it gives so many features for not only normal users but also for developers.

So I listed the best chrome extensions for bloggers only those extensions which I use in my daily blogging routine to make my work perfect and easy.

Extension is really an amazing feature of any web browser. It saves us much time to do work fast and more efficiently.

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