Blogging Tips for Beginners: Get Started with Your Blogging Journey

On the face of it. blogging is easy. You just tap away, the search engines crawl all over your website and surfers find your words of wisdom. 

Of course, things aren’t always quite as easy so here are some blogging tips for beginners to make your new blogging career as successful as possible.

Blogging Tips For Beginners: 11+ Master Tips To Success 

Success in blogging is not a quick rich scheme it is also a time taking process as like other business so you have to keep doing hard work and patience only then you can get good results.

Here i share 11+ blogging tips for beginners who want to start their online career in blogging and succeed like a pro.

1. Make Your Blog Design Look Good:

I know you’re itching to get started writing but if your site looks horrible and uncompleted, no one is going to be impressed when they reach it. Invest a little bit of time in choosing a theme that looks attractive but at the same time isn’t cluttered. 

Not too many people enjoy reading red text on a green background for instance. If you’re not sure, stick with a plain but stylish design rather than try to force too many design elements into a cramped space.

2. Don’t Drone On:

Keep your posts to a reasonable length. This will depend a bit on your personality and also the topic you’re covering but it’s better to keep things concise than drone on for what seems like War and Peace. Split long paragraphs up. 

Use bullet points. Use videos and images. Make your page interesting so that even if it is a long post, it doesn’t seem that way because your readers have become engrossed in what you have to say. Using HostGator or Bluehost as your hosting provider is a really good option.

3. Make Your Titles Interesting:

If your titles sound like something out of your school English lesson, chances are that they’re boring. Remember that your titles are the first thing your readers will see, either on your blog or when they find you in the search engines. 

The more interesting your title, the more likely people are to click on it. Of course, your blog article then has to live up to the promise of the title but that should be easy enough as you’ve already given yourself a good starting point.

4. Keep Learning:

Be sure to take the time to look at videos related to what you’re doing to learn from them and then tell them what you liked about their content! This way you can even spread your influence and have people join you to mastermind and provide more value. 

So always keep the SOCIAL part in mind. No reason to be shy! You’ll be surprised just how many people start looking your way when you decide to give them the time of day as well.

So in all be sure to publish your content in front of a broad audience and then communicate with other people to get your content noticed. Don’t limit your blog content to just a blog, create videos and get social on video hosting sites as well.

5. Know Your Purpose:

Who is your audience? Which topic are you going to blog for? What are you trying to reach by blogging? Know your goal and whom you serve. Yes, blogging for profit means serving your audience.

You can’t just write whatever you like, you have to fulfill the reader’s thirst for information. You have to help them get from where they are right now to where they want to be. Being self-centered will not get you very far.

6. Create a Strategy:

How could you reach the goal from here? Create action plans that allow you to achieve your goal. You know where you want to go, now find the ways to go there. Do what it takes to reach it.

If you must spend money, consider it as an investment. You are in business, so consider it seriously.

However, you don’t want to be careless either. That is why you need to create a strategy that allows you to reach your goal effectively. Don’t underestimate this step, it is one important step.

7. Don’t Get Disappointed:

Many people who write blogs become disappointed because they didn’t get traffics as they wanted. The fact here is it will take you hours, days, weeks, or maybe months and your patience is very needed before visitors start visiting your blog. However, you can increase your traffic by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

But SEO will take time to give result but you can first focus more on social media to promote your blog and write content like Roundup post, interview post that will definitely help you to get instant traffic on your blog.

8. Be A Storyteller: 

Remember when we were in the 1st grade and our teachers and parents would read and tell us stories? Didn’t we love those times? Well even if we’re all grown up, we still LOVE listening to stories. Stories attract people, especially in the world of business. 

We always hear a 23-year-old college drop-out, Mr. or Ms. X, making it big in the online marketing world. People are attracted to that. So put it to good use and start channeling your inner child and be creative on how you tell your own story. Make it unique and stand out.

In the end, you tie the story in with whatever you selling on your blog, and people will be far more likely to buy.

9. Being Consistent in Posting New Content

When people say “Content is King!”, they are not kidding you. Why have a blog and not post any content? That is just crazy! Content is the key to traffic, SEO, relationship-building, and a constant flow of visitors and readers. Without it, a blog is not even a blog. 

You need to be able to consistently make new posts to attract your readers to come back for more. When someone likes your post or shares it on social media, they mean it. They don’t like it for the sake of liking it. So, keep that flowing. 

Doing this will build you a following of readers. There are tons of info out there, so don’t share it all at one time. Give your readers a feeling that there’s more to come and make them anticipate what’s in store for them in the next post.

10. Be Passionate About The Topic:

It is important that you plunge into the blogosphere and like the topic. While I know some bloggers who start for money, when they have achieved a certain level of success.

they always wonder why they have to write more for that topic just to keep maintaining the traffic level and make the same amount of money.

Passion is the only reason you keep going in hard times. Believe me, there will be hard times. In any business, there will be ups and downs. You will need to overcome those hurdles if you want any kind of success online.

11. Check The Setup is OK

By this, I mean things like “permalinks” which dictate how the pages on your blog are named. They’re not intuitive by default on WordPress, so change your permalink structure to a custom one that reads /%postname%/

Other settings should also be checked such as how often each post is pinged (once is preferable) and where it’s pinged to – you can download lists of different ping services but don’t go over the top on these as most of the main sites ping the minor ones anyway. 

Pinging is an easy way of telling the search engines you’ve written something new and you should see the spiders crawling all over your new content when you write it

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Conclusion – Take Action!

Now that you have an idea of what things you need to do in order to make your blog successful. 

You don’t have to understand everything, just start implementing the ideas as you learn them! Get out there and start sharing! Happy Blogging 🙂

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Hey I am Devender Kumar a Part-Time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer Always Learning and Implement New Strategies and share with my reader I write content about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing for more subscribe our newsletter

3 thoughts on “Blogging Tips for Beginners: Get Started with Your Blogging Journey”

  1. Hi Devender,

    It’s a nice guide for beginners, keeping patience for success in blogging is the most important thing. No matter what the situation is. As a blogger, I entirely agree with your second point “Don’t Drone On”, I completely agree with it. Creating an interesting post is the best way to stick your audience to your blog and generate quality traffic with a low bounce rate. None of the points can be ignored from the post to become a successful blogger.

    Thank you, Devender, for sharing your insight with us.

  2. Hi Devender,

    Smart tips bro. Being a new blogger feels scary sometimes. I recall the feeling well. Everything seems exciting, but also alien. Reading guides like yours offer newbies confidence on this sometimes challenging blogging journey. Well done.



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