Blog Description: Definitive Guide To Perfect Description

Do you want to improve your SERP Ranking

So you must know about Blog Description and how to optimize blog description

Many new blogger who comes in blogging they never pay much attention to their blog description

That’s why they can’t get good click through rate or conversation so if you search about how you can optimize your blog or blog post description so you came on right place

Because in this article i will give some effective ways to optimize your blog description

Blog Description: A blog description the one that appears after the blog link in the search result which contains some text is called meta description or blog description

Blog Post Description:- A blog post description is one that tells the user and Google on which specific keyword or topic your blog post is about

With a good and well optimized blog description, you can increase the CTR of your blog that will help you indirectly increase ranking in SERP

Table Of Contents 1How To Write Blog Description in WordPress 1.1How To Write Blog Post Description in WordPress1.2How To Write Blog Description in Blogger1.3How To Write Blog Post Description in Blogger1.4What Top SEO Blog Says on Meta Description1.5Example of Blog Description1.6Tips For Write Effective Blog Post Description2Conclusion

How To Write Blog Description in WordPress 

To write a effective blog description it is very easy if you running your blog on wordpress so you can blog description by using best seo plugin like Rank Math or Yoast SEO

I use rankmath for my blog because it gives you lots of features that are paid in yoast so to write blog description just login to your admin panel

Rank Math

Goto Rankmath>Titles & Meta after that click on Homepage section in right sidebar

And right your blog homepage description that describe what all over your blog about to help search engine and also for user

Blog Description

Tips To Write Effective Blog Description

  1. First Include your blog brand name at first or middle 

  2. Describe in short what all about your blog 

  3. Enter your some main category as your expertise

  4. Use  Some Attractive Word in Blog Description

  5. Do not Over Optimize

How To Write Blog Post Description in WordPress

It is also very necessary and important part to write an effective blog post description and many new blogger are doing very hard work to write an long lengthy article

But they did the mistake of not writing the blog post description correctly and they often do not pay attention to it even though it plays a  important role

So if you are doing  so much effort in writing a good lengthy article, then you must definitely pay attention to write a well optimize blog description 

If you are a wordpress user you can easily write blog post description by using most popular seo plugin Rankmath or Yoast Seo

Step 1 : First go to your wordpress dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Post Section in Left Sidebar

Step 3 :- After clicking on the post section Now you will see all the blog posts that you have published

Step 4: Now edit on that post which you want to write blog description

Blog Post

Step 5: If you are using rankmath, you will see that plugin in right sidebar just click on it after that a popup will open

Step 6: Now you will three section first blog title, second blog post link and third last in blog post description

Step 7: In the last section “Blog Post Description” In this section you can write the post description of your article, which will appear in the search result

Blog Post Description

How To Write Blog Description in Blogger

If your blog on and you are a beginner and don’t know about how to add blog description in blogger so just follow below step

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Click on Setting in the Left Sidebar

Step 3: After clicking Setting then go to Basic now you will see Title and Description

Blogger Blog Description

Step 4 : Click on Description and enter your blogger blog description

That’s it you have done

How To Write Blog Post Description in Blogger

It’s also an easy to add blog post description in blogger just follow below step to add meta description or blog description in blogger

Step 1: Login in your blogger dashboard

Step 2: Click on Post Section in Left Sidebar

Step 3: After that click on that post which you want to add post description

Blogger Blog Post

Step 4: After enter in your blogger text editor click on Search Appearance in right sidebar at bottom

Blogger Post Description

Step 5: Now you can write blog post description in blogger 

What Top SEO Blog Says on Meta Description

If you are confuse about weather they count for as a ranking factor or not than you must see that what top seo blog say about this

1. Moz is a top seo blog see what moz say about meta description

Moz say about meta description

2. Search Engine Journal is most popular seo blog see what SEJ is saying about it

SEJ on meta description

3. Search Engine Land is also a popular seo blog see what SEL say about this

search engine land says on meta description

Hope now you will understand about meta description that it is not a ranking factor but it helps you indirectly to improve CTR and all other thing

The search results UI is a very dynamic place, seeing changes there is not unexpected. Like on your own sites, it’s also important to us to keep testing, improving, trying out new things to see what works best for users on our pages.

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Example of Blog Description

Hope you understand about how important is meta description for your blog and now you have to know about how to write blog description both wordpress and blogger

So now i will show you some example of blog from that you will get an idea to write well optimize blog description

1. BloggersPassion

Bloggers Passion

As you can see this is the right well optimized blog description because he use some eye catchy words and attractive words like top notch blog and anybody can easily understand about their blog what topic he cover is his blog

2. YourStory


This blog is most popular blog and as you can see this is exactly blog description which is telling everything about this blog very clearly and also using some eye catching word in blog description

3. Backlinko


 As you know Backlinko is #1 Seo blog and look at the backlinko blog description just amazing so do not copy other blogger blog description and do something different from other that will make you stand out from the crowd

Tips For Write Effective Blog Post Description

Here i will give some important tips to write an effective and powerful blog post description that grab user attention in SERP so before writing an blog post description just keep that tips in your mind

Use Main Keyword:- Yes it is more important that you should include your main keyword in blog post description to tell the search engine or user on which keyword you have written the article so it must to use main keyword in blog post description

Keyword Stuffing:  Don’t do keyword stuffing in your blog post description at all also putting one or two time keyword who look like naturally do not over optimize blog description that’s really bad seo point of view

Do Something Different :- Do not copy other blogger blog description this is really bad for you always make something different from other and unique as like Backlinko something interesting

Use Only 160 Words: Google will shows up to 160 words only in search result so express your blog about only in 160 word that is good for seo

LSI Keyword: Don’t use same keyword two times instead you can use long tail keyword in your blog post description that make sense use only one or two time keyword in description

Use Some Powerful Word: These powerful words are really help you to increase your click through rate and from using it you can also increase your conversation

Use Call To Action: Use Some call to action word on your blog post description that attract user to click on it


Hope now you will understand importance of blog description it is not a ranking factor but it can help you indirectly to increase your CTR so always make an good and attractive blog post description i cover everything in this article

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