7+ Best Free Screen Recording Software Must Try in 2023

Are you searching for Best Free Screen Recording Software ?

Have you ever thought about how to capture and record your screen as other creators or youtubers did professionally ?

There are so many screen recorders or screen capture software available on the internet but only few are free software that allow you to screen recording without any limit issue.

And in this article I will share the best free screen recording software that you can easily use to record anything in your window and best for productivity.

If you are a youtuber or gamer who wants to record gameplay’s or video, these best free video capture software will help you to do so without any problem.

So are you excited to know about these amazing free screen recording software so let’s dive into.

Best Free Screen Recording Software 2023

Are you looking for a free screen recorder no watermark? So be happy because I will also share some of those screen recording software.

which you never face any watermark problem so you can easily share or upload video anywhere like on youtube.

Because watermark types of videos do not look professional and also make a bad impact on users.

who are watching your video, you can easily record or capture your screen with these video recording software.

ScreenRec – Free Screen Recording Software

ScreenRec Free Software

In the list of screen recording software this is the first and most amazing simple yet powerful software ScreenRec that allows you to record everything that happens on your screen without any watermark.

It is a totally free screen recorder that records or captures your screen and starts recording within a second so you can do all productivity tasks with this software.

Features of Screen Rec Software

  • 1 Click Screen Capture
  • Annotated Screenshot (easily add comment and highlight part)
  • Instant Sharing
  • Complete Privacy
  • Analytics
  • Content Management

Loom: Video Messaging For Work

Loom Video Recording Software

Loom an ultimate software for everyone if you want to use it personally or for companies you can easily record your work.

and share with other employees to better understand things instead of doing messaging or video calls.

This software is specially designed for companies who have lots of work so you can add employees to your workbook and they can easily access these videos which you recorded.

Do you know more than 10 million people and 120,000 companies are using loom to work better and save time and increase productivity.

Features of Loom

  • Free Screen and Cam Recording
  • 1 Click Screen Recording
  • Screenshot (beta)
  • Team Library
  • Viewer Insight
  • Instant Share and Access

ScreenCast O Matic – Free Screen Recorder

Screencast o matic software

Screencast o matic is in browser screen recording  software that allows you to easily record video capture screen and also you can edit your video in this software effortlessly.

It is available for all kinds of platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and Chromebook so you can use this software in any device or platform absolutely free.

You can record long-lengthy videos without any watermark and limit problems so it is the best free screen recorder for windows.

Features of ScreenCast O Matic

  • 1 Click Screen Record
  • Record Screen and Webcam
  • Take Screenshot and Zoom While Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Quick and Direct Share
  • Draw While Recording

Droplr – All in One Software

Dooplr Free Screen Recorder

Droplr is all in one screen capture and screen recorder software that allow you to get work done faster and it is very simple to use software.

The best part is you can easily integrate with other important applications like Google Doc, Gmail etc.

This screen recorder is easily available for all platforms like Windows, Mac, Chromebook etc .You can use this software absolutely free. It also has a paid version but the free version is enough for any individual person.

This software is more perfect for service team, project management, developers and they have work with global customers between 35 countries.

Features of Droplr

  • Free and 1 Click All in One Screen Recorder.
  • Integration with other application
  • Save Videos on Cloud
  • Instant Share with URL Shortener
  • Trusted Screen Recorder

Gyazo – Free Screen Capture Software

Gyazo Free Software

Gyazo is another great tool for capturing screenshots and recording videos and it is the most popular software to capture screens and record videos, more than 2 millions people using gyazo every month.

You can save everything your work on this platform with a very clean, simple and user-friendly dashboard and you can easily capture every single moment with an instant highlight feature.

So this is the best screen recording software for windows that you should try for free and it has also a paid version if you need more advanced features.

Features of Gyazo

  • Simple and User Friendly Dashboard
  • Capture Every Single Moment
  • Share Instantly
  • Epic Clips Easy Communication
  • Everything Save in Account
  • 1 Click Capture and Record Screen
  • Gyazo Chosen for Simplicity, Speed and Security

ScreenPresso – Free Recording Software

ScreenPresso Free Software

ScreenPresso is also the best and open source screen recorder software that comes with many amazing features like you can capture screenshots including scrolling parts that i like most of this software.

This software also allows you to record HD videos that you can use and share on youtube and other social media platforms absolutely free.

And it has their own power image editor to edit all your screenshots and do many other things to make your work look more professional.

Features of ScreenPresso

  • Capture screenshots including scrolling parts
  • Record HD Videos
  • Image Editor
  • Smooth Workflow
  • No Registration Required
  • Document Generator
  • Run Software without Install

FreeCam – Simple and Powerful Recorder

FreeCam Software

FreeCam screen recorder is very user friendly, simple and powerful software that comes with many awesome features.

You can record high quality videos and also can do video editing to make your video more professional.

This screen-cast software has another feature that you can do voice over on your video like other youtubers do in their videos, remove background, polish your audio and many more premium features.

This is absolutely free screen recording software which you can use to make perfect and professional video without paying a single penny.

Features of FreeCam

  • User Friendly and Powerful Screen Recording Software
  • Video Editing Software
  • Record High Quality Videos
  • Voice Over
  • Remove Background Noise
  • Polish Audio
  • Instant Share

FAQ on Best Free Screen Recording Software 2023

What is the best free screen recorder for Windows 10?

Here are some best free screen recorder software for Windows 10 :-

ScreenRec – Free Screen Recording Software
Loom: Video Messaging For Work
ScreenCast O Matic – Free Screen Recorder
Droplr – All in One Software.
Gyazo – Free Screen Capture Software.
ScreenPresso – Free Recording Software
FreeCam – Simple and Powerful Recorder

How can I record my screen for free?

Here is Simple Step To Record Your Screen For Free

Step 1:- Go to Any of These screen recording software
Step 2:- Click on Signup if required
Step 3:- Install Software in Computer
Step 4:- Click on Start Recording
Step 5:- Capture Area you want to record
Step 6:- Save Your Recording Video

What do YouTubers use to record their screen?

Many youtubers use free screen recording software like Camtasia, ScreenRec, ScreenCast O Matic, OBS or some other software to record their screen so you can also use this amazing software to record your screen.

How do I record myself in teams?

Make sure your webcam is turned on and then you can use software loom to record yourself and after that you can easily add your team member on your workbook so they can easily access your work without any issue.

Final Words on Free Screen Recording Software

So Here in the list of best free screen recording software I have shared only those software which are trusted and best for all productivity related work to save your precious time and money.

These free screen recorder windows software are useful for everyone for personal or business  to get your work faster and professional so you can increase your productivity.

If you find this article helpful please share this with your friends and social media.

Your One Share Means A Lot 🙂

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