9+ Best Free Plagiarism Checkers Tools 2023 [Mostly Free]

Are you searching for best free plagiarism checkers tools 2023 ?

When it comes to online, then it shows how much you are creative by your creative writing style.

If you are a blogger, digital marketer, then you already know the value of your unique and original content, so it is very important that you must write unique and plagiarism-free articles with no errors.

So in this article you will get to know about the best free plagiarism checkers, which will help you to write a unique and plagiarized free top notch content that attracts visitors.

This guide about the best free plagiarism checkers tools will help not only bloggers and digital marketer but also be helpful for students and teachers.

Why You Need A Plagiarism Checkers Tools in 2022

Do you really want to make your own unique identity on the internet or want to write that content which google and users both love so you must come in blogging with your own unique writing style.

That makes your content stand over other millions of content on the web.

and these free online plagiarism checkers software will help you write plagiarized and error free content for better understand to search engines.

Because search engines are mostly AI based and improving day-by-day it is not human who understands your content exactly.

So if you are not giving attention to your content optimization then you can’t rank top on SERP.

That’s the primary reason you need the best plagiarism checker software to enhance and well optimize your content.

Who Can Use Plagiarism Checkers Tools

Do you think about who can use this free plagiarism checker software and why so here is the answer of who can use these tools and why.

  • Bloggers:- Mostly bloggers are using this type of software to check their content is grammatical free, error free and plagiarism free content to not get any penalty from google.
  • Content Writer:- A content writer creates a lot of content daily so this tool is most useful to write unique and original high quality content for clients and itself.
  • Digital Marketer:- digital marketer mostly use these plagiarism checker tools to check any duplicate content of their client site and also use it to write unique content for their client to give excellent results.
  • Copywriter:- A copywriter is one who is to get paid to write an actionable content which compels customers to take action on it so these software help copywriter to write highly plagiarism free content.

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers Tools 2023

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Tool

Are you ready to know about free plagiarism checkers for students and teachers also so let’s dive into the article. 

Grammarly is the AI based plagiarism checker tool that will allow you to write grammatical free, error free, plagiarism free highly produced content to rank well on SERP.

Grammarly helps you to fix your writing errors, spelling errors, and find the exact words to express yourself better with your outstanding piece of content.

Grammarly Free vs Premium Plans

It has both free and premium versions. You can use this tool free to check duplicate content and write unique and original content with no error.

If you work mainly online, you can also install its free google chrome extension and it works everywhere when you write anything on the web.

This gives you a score of content that you want to check whether it is unique or duplicate.

2. Plagly – Free Plagiarism Checkers

Plagly Checker Tool

Plagly is the best free plagiarism checker and best alternative of Grammarly tool which allows you to check your content instantly and compare with all other 20 billion sources to write highly unique content.

It is a totally free plagiarism checker tool which is used by over 150000 students, teachers and SEO professionals to check duplicate content and write error free content.

Plagly Features

So if you are a student, teacher so you can use this amazing tool free of cost without giving a single penny.

3. Quetext – Free Tool For Plagiarism Checker

Quetext Checker Tool

Quetext is free plagiarism checker software which uses deep search technology to give you better outcome from it if you are blogger, webmaster and student so you can use this tool free to check any duplicate content.

Also, this tool will help over 5 million students, teachers and professionals to write plagiarism free work so you must try this tool to get better results.

Quetext Plagiarism Checker with percentage

This free online plagiarism checker with percentage gives you a score of content that you want to check whether it is unique or duplicate.

4. Duplichecker – Free Plagiarism Checker

Duplichecker Free Tool

You can use this tool absolutely free but you can check 1000 word content at a time so if you want to check a long length content you have to use this tool multiple times to check any plagiarism.

So it is a little drawback or disadvantage of this tool but not a big problem if you need a free tool then you may consider this tool.

5. Writer.com – AI Writing Assistant

Writer.com Plagiarism Checker

Writer.com is a really amazing free tool to write plagiarized free content for your website and it is an AI based tool that allows bloggers, writers, & copywriters to produce great plagiarism free content.

It is your AI writing assistant which helps you to write consistently great unique content and is trusted by thousands of customers.

Writer.com Plans

This tool has both free and paid versions and allows you 30 day’s free trial after trial period you have to pay to use this tool.

6. Paper Rater Plagiarism Checker

PaperRater Plagiarism Tool

Paper Rater is a very useful and best free plagiarism checkers tool can detect any duplicate content and save your website from any copyright issue

This tool can also help you to check your content grammar and spelling check to make it SEO friendly content and also give you a score based result so you can easily identify whether the content is plagiarized.

Paperrater Features

  • 5 Page Submission
  • Grammar and Spelling Check
  • Free Plagiarism Check
  • Writing Suggestion 
  • Automated Scoring
  • Free of Cost

7. PlagiarismDetector.net


If you are a beginner and don’t have the budget to buy any premium plagiarism checkers tools, this specially for beginners and can check 1000 words content at the same time.

Plagiarismdetector.net is both free and paid, but the free version is enough for beginners to check if their content is plagiarized or not and can check all content errors like spelling, grammar, etc.

If you want higher ranking on SERP so never compromise with your content quality, it must be unique, plagiarism free, and there should be no grammar, vocabulary, or spelling mistakes.

8. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

Search engine reports a free tool to check your content duplicate or plagiarism This free online plagiarism checker tool will allow you to check 1500 word content at a time.

Some free tools ask you to login before checking any content but you can directly go to this tool and directly upload your article or paste it on the content box.

and check all plagiarism related issues with no sign-up process.


  • In Depth Plagiarism Checker
  • Upload File or URL
  • Compare Duplicate Content
  • Rewrite Plagiarized Content
  • Download Plagiarism Reports
  • Free and Efficient Plagiarism Detector

9. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid plagiarism checker

ProWritingAid is a premium tool that is made specially for bloggers, writers, professionals which give you the accurate result and it is a very easy-to-use tool.

that you can integrate with google docs, MS-word office and also with popular tool Scrivener.

You can also use this tool for free in both Windows and MAC with limited features if you want to do pro writing so you can try its premium version for better results.

You can install their free google chrome extension that works everywhere like Grammarly.

Final Words on Best Free Plagiarism Checkers 2023

So bloggers these are some best free plagiarism checkers 2023 which you can use to analyze any plagiarized or duplicate content on your website to prevent any DMCA copyright issues.

Also, these free tools are helpful for writing systematic and error free articles that matter to every search engine to better understand your content compared to other content on the web.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid is one of my favorite tools to check any content if it is duplicate or plagiarized and improve writing style.

If you found this article helpful for any reason so you can share this guide with your friends, and in social media as well.

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