10 Best Free Keyword Research Tool {#2 Is My Favorite}

Are you a beginner and searching about Best Free Keyword Research Tool

Because i know that in the starting of blogging journey everyone not have much money to invest some expensive keyword research tool like Ahrefs and Semrush

As these tools are expensive and not everyone can buy these tools so that’s why I thought why not find some free tools for you to do keyword research for seo

Keyword research is the most important part in seo every article you write without doing keyword research is useless

Because you should know about how much potential in the keyword on which you are writing the article

Means how much people are searching for that particular keyword i.e total keyword volume searches per month and how much is its competition

Table of Contents 1Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2020Google Keyword Planner ToolJaaxy – Most Advance Keyword ToolUberSuggest – Free Keyword Research ToolThe Hoth – Free Keyword Research ToolBing – Free Keyword Research ToolAnswer The PublicAhref Keyword GeneratorGoogle – Best Keyword Research ToolSurfer – Keyword Research ToolWord Tracker – Best Tool For Keyword Research2Conclusion

Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2020

I would like to tell you that if you have enough money, then you should go for paid tools instead of free because you will get many great features in paid tools like Ahrefs and Semrush these are two best tool for keyword research that provide many awesome features

But if you still have not enough money to buy these expensive tool so here i will list all free keyword research tool that help you to find profitable keyword for your blog

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google keyword planner is the best free tool for keyword research if you have no budget to purchase any expensive tool so here google keyword planner is help you to find keyword for your blog

Step 1: Go To Google and search Google Keyword Planner and then click on first link you have see

Google Keyword Planner

After that click on Go To Keyword Planner and sign in with your gmail id

Go To Keyword Planner

Step 2: After Sign in you will come to the Google ads dashboard now you have to click on above Tools & Setting>Keyword Planner

Google Planner Tool

Step 3: Now you have to click on Discover New Keyword  then enter your keyword on search filled

Discover new keyword

and click on get result you will see many keywords generate with volume, Competition and CPC


So use google keyword planner to do keyword research for your blog

Jaaxy – Most Advance Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is world most advance keyword tool it is really a better tool to do keyword research for free its has free or paid version both but if you are beginner so i must recommend you to use this excellent tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

It provide many other feature like Site Rank Checker and it provide you brainstorm feature where you can see the trending topic on various platform like google, alexa, amazon, twitter trend etc in free

Jaaxy Rank Checker

So must use this tool and it gives you a complete state of keyword like, monthly searches, difficulty, how many websites already rank for that keyword etc . Trust me it’s really an awesome tool with many great features

UberSuggest – Free Keyword Research Tool

I know that now ubersuggest is a paid tool but still you can do limited keyword research now ubersuggest allow you to find 7 keyword per day in one account


But you can use different email accounts multiple times by doing this, you can easily do keyword research many times by this tool

I also used this free tool initially when I did not have much money and it helped me a lot to find keywords for my blog

Free Keyword Research Tool

The Hoth – Free Keyword Research Tool

The Hoth is also a great seo tool if you have no enough money and want best free keyword research tool so the hoth is best choice for you to do keyword research

Just Search Hoth Keyword Planner and click on first link then simply enter your keyword on search bar and click on view keyword search

Hoth Keyword Planner

After that Hoth will show you the complete state of that keyword, how much is the volume of that keyword, Competition, CPC, Search Trends etc

Bing – Free Keyword Research Tool

Bing is also a great free keyword research tool where you can find keywords for your blog to access this tool you have to sign up in bing webmaster tool

And submit your website or verify website ownership after that in the middle of sidebar you can see SEO>Keyword Research option just click on this option in sidebar 

Bing Keyword Research

And that’s it now you will access this bing keyword research tool enter your keyword on search bar and click on get details button you will see keyword volume, Trends and impression you can use this tool when you are a beginner in blogging

Answer The Public

This is an awesome keyword research tool for free by using this tool you can find some long tail keyword or related keywords which you can easily use in your article for rank multiple keyword

Answer The Public

For Access this amazing tool go to official website Answer The Public and just put your keyword on the search bar and enter 

After few second this tool gives you bunch of keyword like long tail keyword or relative keywords which you can use in your article so must use this tool for find some amazing long tail keywords

Free Keyword Answer The Public

Ahref Keyword Generator

ahref is a paid tool but you can use this free ahref keyword generator tool to get some profitable keywords.

but in this, you can see stats for only a few keywords, but this is a great tool for you if you are looking for a free keyword research tool

Just Search on google “Ahref Keyword Generator” and go with  first link  then enter your keyword on search bar after that click on Find Keywords

Ahref Keyword Generator

After that you will see the volume of  keywords and the keyword Difficulty so that you can work on it

Google – Best Keyword Research Tool

Google is the best ever tool to find some good keywords when you enter keyword on google search so after the result you can see a lot of Auto Suggestion keywords and people also ask

Google People Also Ask

Which you can put in your article and also the same FAQ question in your blog post so that you can rank on multiple keywords

Always use google this features to get some related keywords or questions that people often search on google so use this question in your blog

Google Auto Suggestion

Surfer – Keyword Research Tool

This is a Chrome extension that you can install in your Chrome browser and after that this tool will be added to your browser

Keyword Research Extension

After that whenever you search a keyword in Google, it will show you the volume and CPC of that keyword along with the search.so this is the best tool of keyword research you can use in your browser

Keyword Surfer Extension

Word Tracker – Best Tool For Keyword Research

Word Tracker is a great tool from which you can find 50 keywords daily, which is a completely free tool In this you can also find low competition keywords and if you are looking for a best free keyword tool then this tool is for you

Word Tracker

I also use this tool when i am beginner in blogging to do keyword research because at that time i have not enough money to buy premium tool for keyword research so you can use it


Without keyword research you cannot bring good organic traffic to your blog and everyone wants more and more organic traffic to his blog so that your website can perform well in serp

So it is important that you can find good and low competition keywords for your blog, so here I have told you the best free keyword research tool that you can use for free.

But I would also recommend you that if you have money then you should buy premium SEO tools like Semrush and Ahref, which gives you a lot of benefits.

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