7+ Powerful AI Content Writing Software Must Try in 2023

Are you stuck with writing engaging long-form seo friendly articles ? 

Do you spend lots of money to pay content writers for writing articles and looking for some AI Content Writing Software that helps your business to grow fast.

Because content writing is the most crucial and important part of any online business, it’s also stressful work to find new content ideas on a daily basis and then pay a good amount to writers.

What if I tell you that you can create highly seo optimized articles in a few minutes with the help of an best free ai content generator.

Not only article you can do lot’s of work with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools like:-

  • Generate SEO Friendly Article
  • AI Story Writer
  • Marketing Ad Copy
  • Content Improver
  • Generate Long Form Content
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Copy Writing

So in this article you will get to know about the best AI content generator software which can help you to stop overpaying to content writers.

But in the end I will also tell you why and in which case AI writing assistants are not the complete solution and still can’t beat the human writers.

Best AI Content Generator Software 2023

Artificial Intelligence is booming these days and most of the top tech companies are using AI or machine learning to better growth in their business like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc.

So there are many best ai article writers software in the online market that are specially designed and developed to overcome your marketing heavy work and you can save your lot’s of time and efforts on other work.

Jasper AI – The Best Content Writing Assistant

Conversion AI Software

Jasper.ai is one of the best content generator tools that allow you not only to generate high quality articles but it has many other bundles of features that will help you to optimize marketing strategy to get exponential growth in your business.

Chris Hull is the co-founder of jasper.ai tool who develop an AI writing software which has more than 40+ copy-writing skills to boost your sales and conversion.

Conversion ai customer review

The AI tool named Jarvis helps more than 10,000+ agencies, bloggers, digital marketers and copywriters to get more conversion and sales with their highly optimized skills which will help to grow your business from zero to hero.

Conversion AI Features

  • Clever and Original Content Writing
  • Generate Long Form Content in Minutes
  • Write and Translate Over 11+ Language
  • Simple To Use
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • 40+ Copy-writing Skills
  • Create Marketing Ad Copy (Facebook, Google Ads etc)

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper.ai also offer 5 days free trial where you will get bonus to write 10,000 word articles on your trial period if you go through my special link.

After the trial period if you found this tool helpful for your business so you can upgrade to their paid plans.

  • Starter Plan:-  Starter plan starts with $25/mo which include many useful features like unlimited user seats, 20,000 words, 40+ copy-writing templates, chat support and 7 days money back guarantee.
  • Boss Mode: it starts from $49/mo. If you are an agency and have lots of content writing work and run ads for clients, this plan is specially for those types of companies and agencies.
  • Business Plan: Starts with $109/mo where you will get unlimited features like unlimited words, unlimited project folders, 40+ short-form copy writing templates, chat support, AI copywriter community and 7 days money back guarantee.

Article Forge – AI Content Writer

If we talk about ai article generator, after jasper ai I will choose article forge which is the most advanced content generator tool which works on advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to generate better results.

Article Forge Software

Article forge produces complete high quality, on-topic original articles in a few seconds.

and the best part of this AI content writing tool is that every article which you generate is passed with copyscape with zero plagiarized content.

So without any delay you can create highly unique and original content like humans.

Article Forge Features

  • Write High Quality Articles
  • Check Plagiarism with Copyscape
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Get Your Article in 60 Seconds
  • Create Content in 7+ Languages
  • Can Publish Article Directly to WordPress Site

Article Forge Pricing

Article forge AI tool also offers 5 days free trial to test their service and after that if you are satisfied with their service you can upgrade with a premium plan which is not much costly.

They have premium plans with monthly or yearly basis and monthly plan starts $57/mo and yearly plan starts $27/year.

You can choose plans according to your need if you have multiple sites for which you have to write content everyday. In that case if you go with a yearly plan so you can save more money and generate unlimited unique content.

Writer Sonic – Better Marketing Copy


Writer Sonic is another great AI Marketing Software that comes with a hell of features which is very useful for bloggers, digital marketers and agencies to create a highly optimized marketing Ad copy that converts sales for your client.

If you’re a marketer, agency and an ecommerce brand so with the help of writer sonic you can create more engaging marketing ad copy which will help you to get more sales for your business.

Writing Sonic Features

Writer sonic has an overall 4.8 customer rating on trusted websites like TrustPilot, G2, Capterra so it shows how genuine and better the AI tool is writer sonic.

Writer Sonic AI Tool Features

  • Write Better Marketing Copy Effortlessly.
  • Digital Ad Copy
  • Write High Quality Article
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Ecommerce Product Description
  • Copywriting and Growth Ideas

Writer Sonic Pricing

Writer sonic has a free or paid plan. first you can give a try to its free plan then if you satisfied with this tool then you can buy a premium plan.

Writer Sonic Plan and Pricing

Now for limited time Writer sonic giving 60% discount on their premium plan you have to just apply a promocode SONIC60 in checkout time and you will get 60% off instantly.

Rytr – Better Way To Write Blogs

Rytr is also an AI powered content writing tool that helps many blogger, copywriters to create high quality content on command. 

Rytr AI Software

If you want to save your time and money, this tool will definitely help you to create content that converts and this tool has many other amazing features.

This tool uses 20+ tones to give your article a human tone or even better so it will help to rank on search engines as well.

Rytr Features

  • Generate Unlimited Characters
  • Access 20+ Use Cases and Tones
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Email and Chat Support
  • Write 15+ Languages
  • Access To Premium Community

Writer Zen – Write Killer Content

Writerzen is not a content generator tool but it is an outstanding tool for data driven seo tools that give you more and more data which will be helpful to create killer content that fulfil user intent.


This tool has many killer features like make content outline, keyword research from the biggest database, Lavish text editor, plagiarism checker, competitive analysis, content optimization tool, content topic ideas.

So this is an all in one tool to create a master piece of content that users and search engines love and you will get higher ranking.

WriterZen Features

  • Create Content That Thrives
  • Amazing Content Ideas
  • Advance Keyword Research With Biggest Database
  • Discover Untapped Golden Topics
  • SEO Like The Pro
  • Content Optimization Tool
  • Lavis Text Editor with Score based
  • Plagiarism Checker Tool

Lifetime Deal on Writer Zen

If you want this amazing seo tool then you can grab a lifetime deal on appsumo at just $69 and never pay again so this is a one time or limited time deal of appsumo where you will get this SEO tool for lifetime use.

Also if you want to try it first you can start a 7 days free trial but can’t guarantee that how long the lifetime deal will last.

Nichesss – AI Copywriting Software 

Nichesss is an amazing AI software that helps you not only create quality content but this tool will help you to create highly optimized sales copy, Writing Emails, Youtube Video Ideas, Translate 100’s Language. Find profitable hot niches and more.

Nichesss tool

This single tool makes your work very easier in commands so you can focus on other things to grow your business and scale it to the next level.

Lifetime Deals on Nichesss

Nichesss is such a useful tool for bloggers and digital marketer or agencies to create high converting ads copy, high quality article, email writing, and do lots more work effortlessly with nichesss.

If you looking for a lifetime deal on Nichesss so this is the right time because appsumo providing a lifetime deal on Nichesss at just $59 for limited period so don’t miss this amazing deal.

Copy.ai – Free AI Article Writing Tool

copy.ai writing tool

Copy.ai is a best tool for bloggers and webmaster to create seo friendly content that actually rank on google. you can do three types of job by using copy.ai tool.

  • Writing Blogs 10X Faster (for blog writers)
  • Write High Conversion Posts (for social media manager)
  • Write More Engaging Emails (for email marketers)

It has free and paid both plans so you try it free and write your articles 10X faster. also if you want to get paid version of copy ai then you did not required any credit card.

Frase AI – Best AI Writer & Optimization Tool

Frase ai content writing tool

Frase AI is most popular ai content writing tool among bloggers this tool can help you to write SEO optimized article within a minute instead of hours so you can produce content like a rocket.

By using frase ai you can perform following task :

  • Research Content
  • Content Brief
  • Content Writing
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Analytics

It has #1 rated AI writing software on capterra reputated plaform. Frase AI offer 5 days free trial after that you can go for its paid plan.

Can AI Overcome Human Writers

Did you really think can ai overcome human writers 

My Answer is No

Why ?

Because Still AI is not much powerful than human obviously The power to understand human thinking is more than any AI tool or software

A Human Writer not only writes articles but he writes with his feeling, experiences and way of talking which attracts visitors to visit your blog again and again.

Content writing is not about just writing some words about a topic but it’s more than how you express your thoughts, way of talking to audience, how you educate to your audience and your way of content presentation is more important.

So no one tool can replace human writers. but AI writing tools help you to write good quality content and then you have to give your time for a final touch to your article to make it according you then present it on the web.

Does Google Like AI Content ?

Well AI Tool is only for creating some sentences or paragraph not making whole content because google love only human touched content so you can get some help from AI writing tools but not depend on just AI.

You should remember that ai also developed by human so without your word of tone people visiting your blog did not enjoy reading.

Google search advocate john muller says content that generated by ai is against guidelines and count as spam.

For more read this article :- AI Generated content against google guidelines

FAQ on Best AI Content Writing Software 2023

Here we are answer some question related to this topic Best AI content writing software

Is AI writing free?

Mostly AI Writing software is paid but they also offer few days free trial so you can try ai writing software free for some days. But After trial period you have to purchase their premium plan to use the AI Writing Software

Can AI replace content writers?

No AI can’t replace writers 100% but it can write highly optimized article for your website. But in the end you have to do some correction in content to give it a final touch.

So we can say with the help of AI you can create content but for completing and give your article final touch to make it highly user friendly

What is AI writing?

AI writing is a software that based on different algorithms who can do any task like article writing on commands.
In Simple Words AI is like a robot which is made on the basis of some rules and instructions to give the result on commands.

Can an AI write a book?

Yes Definitely AI can write the whole book as i mentioned some tool like Conversion AI who already write many books. So AI can write the whole book but as i already said that no tools or software can give 100% satisfaction with their result.

At last you have to give your article final touch to look it natural and user friendly.

Will AI replace bloggers?

Never Ever

You can judge it by yourself if AI is that much powerful so why google is depend on other resources which provided by bloggers or webmaster who are working hard to give best  information to user on the web.

Why google is not collect information from AI because we forget that artificial intelligence has also been created by a human. So I don’t think AI replace blogger

Final Words on AI Content Generator Software

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is involved in every field or industry Tech, Health, Finance to give fast accurate results and do work automation so these are the best AI content generator software that is legit and trusted tools.

AI will become more powerful and understand human language day by day to improve even human feeling so these AI based article writing software can help you to generate quality articles for your website or blog.

Let me know your thoughts about AI. Can it really overcome human writers? Share your thoughts on comments and share this article as well.

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    Are you still using it on your blog?

    • Glad you like it 🙂

      No, currently I am not using any AI writing software but I will definitely try AI software in the future for sure.

      I know some popular bloggers who are using AI tools and satisfied with the result so you can give them a try to these tools.


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