All About ChatGPT – How To Use, Benefits, Features, Pros & Cons

A lot of people in the blogging industry in recent times used to discuss a lot about ChatGPT on various social media platforms. A set of people discussed the concept in a healthier way, and many used to make fun of the system as well.

If you are in the blogging field, you may have come across many people posting updates about the viral system ChatGPT on their Facebook walls and groups in a larger amount.

So, why does ChatGPT quickly become the talk of the town? What is ChatGPT? How to create a ChatGPT account? And How does it work?

If you are keen to know about ChatGPT, here in this blog post, I am sharing all about ChatGPT.

Let’s start with the basic definition of ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

In ChatGPT, the term GPT is described as (Generative Pre-Trainer Transformer), an AI-powered chatbot developed by openAI in November 2022.

OpenAI is a company that aims to launch various Artificial Intelligence concepts to benefit humans in the best possible ways. ChatGPT is one such from the company’s AI concepts.

To make the human workload easier for creating content, the AI research company OpenAI has launched ChatGPT. Yes, with the help of chatGPT, you can create text for any of your content requirements.

Seriously, the AI machine chatGPT is just amazing.

Comparatively, with any other AI chatbots launched so far, ChatGPT is way ahead, and even blogging experts have already had a lot of discussions about the tool.

How to Create a ChatGPT Account?

A surprising factor is that ChatGPT is still free, and there is no official confirmation about the premium version from OpenAI.

Sources suggest that even if the company releases paid plans, there will also be a free plan with some good features.

Till now, enjoy everything for free with ChatGPT by following the simple yet free account creation process with easy-to-understand images.

  • Step 1: Click this link to visit OpenAI’s chatGPT official account creation page
  • Step 2: As shown in the image below, you will be presented with both Login and Sign up options. Click Sign Up if you want to create a new account.
  • Step 3: Now enter your Email address, verify that you are a human with Captcha check, and click Continue.
  • Step 4: In this step, you are requested to enter the password of your choice. Make sure your password contains at least eight letters, and click Continue.
enter your preferred password
  • Step 5: You will receive a verification email in your mailbox. Open the mailbox and click the link Verify Email Address from Email received from OpenAI.
verify your email address
  • Step 6: Once your Email is verified successfully, you must enter your first and last name and click Continue.
Tell Us about you chatgpt
  • Step 7: Now, you have to verify your phone number. Choose a country code, enter your valid phone number, and click yes or no according to the question, Do you have Whatsapp?

If you click yes, you will receive a code in Whatsapp. If not, you will receive a code in SMS. Once the code is received, type the code and click continue. That’s the signup process.

  • Step 8: Congratulations. You are now a ChatGPT user, and you can avail all the features and benefits of a ChatGPT account at zero cost

Look at the picture; that is how your account dashboard looks once you log into your account.

chatGPT account dashboard

As you can see in the below image mentioned in the red rectangle box, that is where you need to input your query to gather information from the AI chatbot model.

How to Use ChatGPT?

It’s very simple. Just log in to your chatGPT account. At the bottom of your account dashboard, you have a bar to input your query. Refer to the above image in the previous section, as I marked the input bar in the red rectangle. So, you have to input your query.

Once the Model reads your query, it starts to type the replies and deliver you in a fraction of a second. You can ask questions further if you want more clarity on the same tab.

That’s how you should use the chatGPT. Let’s look at some features you will use within your ChatGPT account dashboard.

Keep or Delete Conversations

Once satisfied with the AI chatbot answers, you can clear the conversations by clicking the delete button on your left. You can do so if you want to keep the conversational tab for future reference. Click ‘New Chat’ on the left to start a new conversation. The old chats remain in your account.

Two Types of Modes

There are two different types of screen modes that you can choose according to your wish. The modes are dark and light. Light mode is recommended, but if you love using dark mode, choose it from the left of the dashboard.

OpenAI Discord

It’s a community-based discord server created by OpenAI to discuss and learn OpenAI Artificial Intelligence and GPT-3 for all users. Clicking the option will take you to the community page, where you can claim your account and start sharing your thoughts on the discussion board.

Updates & FAQ’s

If the chatbot gets new updates, it will be mentioned on the updates page. Also, some FAQs about ChatGPT have been answered on the page.

Like & Dislike

For every response generated by ChatGPT has both likes and dislikes options on the top right of the answers to submit your feedback. If you are satisfied with the response, you can hit a like; otherwise, give it a dislike to gather more information on the topic.


As you know, there is an option to log out from your account dashboard.

Uses of ChatGPT – Things you can do with the AI Chatbot

In this exclusive section, let’s look at some of the best uses of ChatGPT.

You will be surprised to know the list of outstanding usages you will get from the chatGPT chatbot model.

ChatGPT Can Write Codes on Programming Languages

Soon after the AI chatbot model launch, my Facebook wall was flooded with so many posts on ChatGPT. I wondered what all the benefits the Model could offer and was amazed after knowing one of its features, that the tool can write codes in programming languages.

How cool that is. Yes, if you are a programmer, you can make the most out of the chatGPT by openAI as the Model can help you write codes when you are stuck at some point to move further in your coding tasks.

No matter what programming languages you are facing, chatGPT helps you get going. You can instruct the purpose and programming language. The tool will write codes accordingly.

The Model can Debug Errors in Codes

ChatGPT not only writes codes in programming languages but can also find any code errors.

If you want to debug codes but are unsure how to find the flaws, the tool can seamlessly help you identify the errors in coding and suggest the right coding’s to get the output.

If you think ChatGPT is only for content creators, you are wrong. The tool is the best choice for programmers.

Get an Explanation of Anything Complicated

If you feel some concepts are complicated to understand, then you can ask for ChatGPT as the AI model will seamlessly explain the concept in better possible ways.

If you are studying some subjects and find some of the topics in the subjects are complicated, you can ask chatGPT to explain the topic. Within a couple of seconds, the tools will explain the concept.

The tool can be your best partner for acquiring knowledge on several topics.

It can also communicate in a conversational tone about the working mechanisms of many concepts.

ChatGPT Can Solve Difficult Mathematical Problems

If you find difficulties in solving mathematical problems, then you can seamlessly use ChatGPT with your query or question on the question tab from your chatGPT account dashboard.

ChatGPT is pre-trained with programs that can solve any complex mathematical problem.

The AI Model can even Give you Relationship Advice

If you want some relationship advice, ask ChatGPT with a query about what kind of relationship advice you want to hear from chatGPT.

As chatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot, it will reply to your query in an easy-to-understand conversational language, the same as human beings.

You can continue your chat by asking more questions about the relationship advice topic. The chatbot will give you more answers till you are satisfied.

ChatGPT Can Create any Form of Content

One of the most used features in the AI chatbot model is creating content for different uses.

Whether you want to write a full-fledged blog post, Email, newsletter, poem, jokes, stories, Facebook posts, or whatever social media content, you can use the chatGPT Model to create content of your choice.

If you want to prepare a resume, the Model can write for you.

So, whatever content form you want, you can get the content from ChatGPT. All you need to do is input the exact query to gather information from chatGPT.

The tool supports multiple languages. Not just English, whatever language you want, you can request to write content in your preferred choice of language.

I tested with a few languages; shockingly, the tool generates perfect content in different languages.

Use the AI Model to know the Sports Statistics

I love to search for sports statistics and gather information on different statistics, especially about Football.

I wanted to check whether the conversational AI chatbot model can be good at generating sports statistics, and I have input a question to see what it has generated. At that moment, I felt little goosebumps in myself.

chatGPT sports statistics

It’s unbelievable.

If you note the answers generated, the chatGPT failed to add Argentina’s 2022 World Cup win.

Why did you miss adding the 2022 Argentina FIFA world cup win? The AI chatbot replies, like the training data given to the chatbot, were only up to 2021. It can only generate replies till the chatbot’s knowledge cutoff date.

knowledge cutoff date upto 2021

It was a fantastic experience to have a conversation with an AI chatbot and get instant replies. Kudos to OpenAI, the company behind the super cool chatbot.

Apart from the listed set of uses, you can use the conversational AI chatbot model for many good purposes.

Technology Used in the ChatGPT AI Model

Generator Pre-Training Transformer 3 has been used in the chatbot model by OpenAI. With AI technology, the chatbot can understand your query and generate human-like responses for all your queries in an easy-to-understand content format.

The chatbot generates the same human-like responses, and so it is termed the conversational AI chatbot model. ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the most powerful yet natural language models ever launched.

According to the developer reports, approximately 175 billion parameters have been inserted into the chatbot model. So, ChatGPT can generate billions of words for your query within a few seconds. You can’t even imagine that ChatGpt can do all these tasks within a few seconds.

A deep neural network with billions of datasets has been injected into the AI model. Also, the tool has given the potential to handle so many tasks like answering your query, replying to your question further, and generating any content according to the input.

There is a technology called self-attention mechanisms involved with ChatGPT, and the mechanism has the potential to understand the context in the text of your input. Then it does generate a response accordingly.

You can take the sports statistics reply from ChatGPT as an excellent example of self-attention mechanisms.

I have only asked about Argentina’s world cup win without confusing whether I am asking for any other sports; the Model itself understands the context of my input and replies about Argentina’s FIFA world cup win.

I can’t get out of the talent that ChatGPT has. It’s mind-blowing.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

Generative Pre-Trainer Transformer is a natural language processing (NLP) model based on the ‘Transformer’ architecture.

GPT-3 is the latest Model integrated with the ChatGPT by OpenAI. The GPT-3 model has included 175 billion parameters in terms of size.

So, when someone inputs a query, the tool, in a hurry, starts matching the query with the parameters added on the GPT-3 model and generates a response from the matched parameters to respond to the user’s question.

Along with the GPT-3 transformer architecture model, human AI trainers are also used to coach GPT with millions of datasets.

So, when the query is received, the chatGPT uses the combination of teaching they received from human AI trainers and GPT-3 parameters to deliver perfect yet exact responses.

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

AI assistants only some of the time and only some of the cases give you perfect solutions. Along with super positive features, there are some cons too.


  • At present, ChatGPT is free to use
  • Generate responses to users’ queries in just a fraction of second
  • The Model can cut the cost needed for human resources
  • Gives answers in multiple languages as per your query
  • Instant replies to your queries
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Knowledge cutoff date only up to 2021
  • When multiple topics involve, the tool may face a lack of context awareness
  • Common sense knowledge is significantly less with ChatGPT
  • Limited understanding of emotional queries
  • Computational resources like GPT-3 are too costly for developers

Frequently Asked Questions on ChatGPT

Why is ChatGPT not working often?

Yes, you are right. Sometimes the AI chat model is not accessible. The reason is that the server gets stuck and works only for users with super fast internet connection due to the high demand for user queries simultaneously. So, ensure to use chatGPT with an uninterrupted internet connection.

What does ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT is an AI assistant or chatbot model with the potential to respond to user queries in a fraction of a second through Natural Language Processing technology trained on the Model.

Do I need to pay anything to access OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

No, as of now, OpenAI serves the ChatGPT features to all users free of cost. There may be a release of paid plans in the future as the responses are enormous for the AI model. But right now, it’s free to use.


AI assistants have already started ruling the internet, ChatGPT by OpenAI is offering features way ahead of other AI chatbot models out there, that too at free of cost.

Get your questions answered by gathering information on complicated topics, mathematics problems, content writing, or whatever; you can effectively use the conversational AI chatbot model.

But, do not depend entirely on the Model as sometimes it may cause misunderstanding and offer responses you are not looking for. So, whatever content you create from ChatGPT, do not publish the same directly to the internet, ensure to go through and add the human touch to the content and publish.

That’s it from my end; all about ChatGPT. You are eagerly looking forward to trying the AI model, go and try it.

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