11+ Advance SEO Hacks 2023 Must Know To Beat Competitor

Do you want to increase your seo ranking for more traffic, sales and conversion.

Driving traffic organically is the biggest challenge of any bloggers and webmaster. You should develop new seo techniques or strategies that work for your online business.

So here in this article I will share some seo hacks 2023 that you can try and implement on your blog to get more reach.

If you want to grow your organic traffic you should always try something new and different and keep experimenting on your blog for best seo practice.

SEO is all about doing best practice, learning, implementing and developing your own strategies to know what are the best seo techniques that really work for you.

In this article i am sharing some SEO Hacks 2023 that really work for me and no one seo guru can tell you the exact way to grow your blog you have to put your own efforts to know the advance seo hacks.

SEO Hacks 2023: Simple Yet Powerful SEO Technique

To grow organic traffic you have to do best seo practice and if you are doing it in the right way so you will get results slowly because SEO is a long term process to get results.

Every online business wants more organic traffic because organic still gives more conversion as compared to other methods. Like Paid Ads, Social etc.

In this article I am going to share some seo hacks or search engine optimization tips that will be helpful for you to improve seo ranking in 2023.

Focus on Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy

Content relevancy is the most important on page seo technique to optimize your post according to search engines and also searchers. Because google is an AI and machine learning that cannot understand human language very well.

But after BERT Update google AI understands more about human language and the meaning of two words between each other that used in articles so you have to focus on your content relevancy.

BERT Update

Use short, easy, more understandable sentences in articles to help google and users to better understand your content and get more seo ranking.

  • Use Easy, Short, Words and Sentence in Article.
  • Use relevant terms related to your keyword and add more relevant long tail keywords.
  • if possible give user query answer straight.
  • Write an in depth article compared to your competitor.
  • Cover all queries related to the topic even if the keyword volume is zero but it still add some value on article.

What is backlink

Here in above image you can see clearly that answering user query in simple straight way help you to get your article on featured snippet. so don’t confuse user and search engine give answer in starting of your article.

Update Title and Meta Description

Update Old Content

Yes if you have some old content that is not ranking on SERP so you can update your content adding some more value in the article and also do some changes such as article Title, Meta Description and URL slug.

Then update it, go to Google Search Console and do a manual URL inspection to index your updated article on SERP.

I am doing this same for many articles and some of these are not ranked before but after implementing this some article start ranking on keywords. this is proven and tested method.

Focus on Topical Authority

Topical Authority

Topical authority is an amazing way to grow your website ranking in a short time with minimum backlinks because in 2023 and beyond you should only focus on authority blogging.

and be expert in one topic and create content related to that topic so google will give you more priority compared to others.

There are many examples of Topical Authority websites like WPBeginner who only create content about wordpress and in that blog you will get a to z content related to WordPress.

So don’t focus on many topics, just gain expertise in one topic and create content around it.

Niche Relevant Backlinks

Niche Relevant Backlink

Backlinks are the most important seo ranking factor but in 2023 you have to focus on niche relevant backlinks to boost your authority and ranking.

Because there is no sense if your blog is about Tech and you are making backlinks from Health sites and I experience this because I have created some backlinks from non relevant sites but not improvement is site authority like DA & DR.

Keyword Ranking

But I have also created only one single backlink from a relevant high authority site and then suddenly after some days my website authority and ranking improved.

 So I suggest you focus on niche relevant backlinks that will help you in ranking.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Use Long Tail Keyword

Using long tail keywords is helping google to better understand your article so always use some long tail and similar keywords for ranking on multiple keywords.

In my website many articles rank on multiple keywords because of using related and similar long tail keywords according to user query.

As you can see in the above image this is long lengthy content 2000+ and I include many similar keywords related to this topic and now its ranking is more than 27+ keywords.

Keyword Ranking

So you have to focus on the long tail keyword even if that keyword volume is zero.

Focus on Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best on page seo techniques that is really amazing if you do internal linking in the right way so it will definitely help you to improve your SEO ranking.

If I say, I would not have pay much attention to it in the past but now I experience its importance in ranking, so now I give more and more attention to internal linking.

Linking your ranking article to non ranking article by using anchor text will pass strong link juice and help you to rank your other articles.

Also do not do much anchor text linking in articles it depends on article length and if possible do linking in the starting paragraph.

Use FAQ Schema

FAQ Schema

FAQ schema is the most underrated strategy that you should focus on because now google can rank any of your passage from your article in their FAQ section and from that you will get more traffic on your website.

FAQ Schema

So if you are using rank math plugin it has an inbuilt feature of FAQ Schema that you can include in your article and get more organic traffic from google.

People Also Ask

Include all questions related to your topic, simply search your keyword on google and add questions from the search result “People Also Ask” and give answers in a systematic way.

Create More Epic Content

Create Epic Content

Some new bloggers who has misconception in their mind that if they publish a few content like 20-25 articles and they start getting traffic but it’s not true you have to focus more on creating valuable content that helps others.

You should create a content road-map in your checklist that you should create content on daily or weekly basis but also must focus on content quality because google loves quality content not quantity.

So if you want to get more organic traffic you should develop a proper content marketing strategy and educate people around your business.

Invest in Best SEO Tool For Growth

Best SEO Tools

This is the most important in your blogging journey. You should invest in some best seo tools for your growth. Some are afraid to invest in seo tools.

but without investment you can’t scale your online business to the next level. So here I will suggest a Semrush SEO Tool that will help you to grow your business in the right direction.

and can help you to find marketing trends to get more reach and sales for your business. so you must have to invest in a good seo tool that will give you a boost in traffic and sales also.

Use Google Search Console Data

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best tool for bloggers and webmasters. It shows how your website performs in SERP and many bloggers miss that point and not pay attention to it.

But i must say if you really want to improve your ranking, you must focus on your GSC data. It gives you all stats about your website.

Here is Some Quick Tips:-

Step1:- Goto Google Search Console Dashboard>Performance

Step 2:- Now goto Page section and here you will find those popular pages of your site which get more clicks and impressions.

google search console

Step 3 :- Now click on that article URL and goto Queries Section here you see some related queries of similar keywords related to your article topic.

gsc data

Step 4:- Now you have to include these keywords in your article naturally and from doing this you will rank on multiple keywords and get more traffic from organic. This is a really proven method to optimize your article.

FAQ on Advance SEO Hacks 2023

So here we will be answering some question which will be related to this article advance seo hacks

What are the latest SEO techniques?

These are the latest SEO techniques which you should focus on
1. Improve your Organic CTR
2. Internal Linking to your low ranking pages
3. Focus on Topical Authority
4. Write Long Form Content
5. Niche Relevant High Authority Backlinks
6. Broken Link Building
7. Spy on your Competitor
8. Update your old content

How do SEO steal competitors?

To steal your competitor SEO startegy first make a list of your all competitors and find the top performing keyword of your competitor website and write more valuable and long form content with including images, video, and infographics for higher ranking.

then also research on your competitor backlinks and make possibilites to link from that same website ot higher authority site for better seo ranking.

How can I spy on my competitors website?

You can spy of your competitor website in many ways first to build a good relationship through social media like facebook, instagram etc.

Second way to spy on your competitor is to use some premium tools like Ahrefs and Semrush these tool will help you to track or spy on your competitors.

How can I improve my SEO traffic in 30 days?

SEO is a long term process you cannot get satisfied result in only 30 days but you can try out some seo techniques that will help you to improve your rankings :-
1. Improve your CTR by updated Title & Meta Description
2. Get updated your old content with new information
3. Build Some High Authority Backlinks.
4. Use Long Tail Keywords for Fast Ranking
5. Use your google search console data to improve ranking.

How can I do SEO on my own?

SEO is the name of only two words “Experiement” & “Implementing”

So first gain some basic knowledge of SEO then create a testing site where you can expeiement and implement those things which you learnt and then see what result to come out to learn and know more deeply about SEO.

Final Words on Advance SEO Hacks

There is no hack which gives you instant results for your online business and growth but doing some best seo practice can really improve your ranking and traffic both. 

So here I give some Seo Hacks 2023 that you can implement and should focus on those tips to increase your seo ranking and get more organic traffic.

SEO is nothing but it is everything so you have to develop your own seo strategy and keep learning, implementing and experimenting on your blog to gain core knowledge.

If you get some value from this article, please share this with your friends and social media to spread the knowledge.

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