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Hey Thanks for visit our blog i am founder of this blog and i really like exploring new thing in my niche and sharing with you in this blog i will share my past 2 year experience in blogging who taught me a lot in blogging industry which i share with you.

What is Blogging Navigation All About

I Am Here to help you in blogging related problem by providing my helpful content My main motive to start this blog to help newbies blogger who need right direction to grow his blog so here i will publish helpful content related Blogging, SEO, SEM, Wordpress, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online and more topic

My Blogging Journey & Story

I Have Started my journey in 2016 when i am in 10th class Then I heard from a brother of my colony he was talking with his other friend that he is making good money from YouTube channel. Then I thought, can someone really earn money from online

Then from that day i search about youtube like how to create channel in youtube or how to make money from youtube etc after that i create my first channel on youtube but can't do work on constant due to my board exam  

After the exam was over, I again created another tech YouTube channel and started working on it. after few month not getting result from youtube i stopped that youtube channel

Later am searching in Google and YouTube looking for the ways to earn money online and then I came to know about blogging. And this time I was determined not to start anything immediately, I will first do a good research and then go ahead.

After that I did a lot of research on blogging and then i arrange some money to start my first blog on wordpress then i purchase hosting from hostinger premium shared plan which cost me around 3500 

Because I do not know English so well, so I started my Hindi blog And then after researching  I started writing articles and got adsense approval and slowly my blog ranking is improving day by day.

So Finally after 1.5 year of hard work i got my first payment from google adsense so That was my story and after getting good knowledge in blogging i started this blog for english readers.

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